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By: Omneon  09-12-2011
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Built for Realtime Performance

As part of the Spectrum line of media servers, MediaDeck 7000 is optimized to satisfy the demanding reliability and performance requirements of broadcast operations. Unlike media servers that rely on PC computing platforms and operating systems such as Windows, the MediaDeck 7000 system leverages IT technologies, but is purpose built for the broadcast industry. As a result, broadcasters using MediaDeck benefit from the price/performance gains driven by general IT technology enhancements without compromising mission-critical 24/7 broadcast operations. To enhance reliability, the operating system resides in flash memory, ensuring rapid boot-up and eliminating the risks associated with system drive failures. MediaDeck 7000 includes four hot-swappable enterprise-class SATA disk drives for content storage. The use of 3+1 RAID ensures that the system continues to operate even in the event of a disk drive failure. Video I/O modules and redundant power supplies can be hot-swapped for uninterrupted operation.

Cost Effective

MediaDeck 7000 supports up to four channels of standard- or high-definition video I/O at up to 100 Mbps, while simultaneously handling IP-based file transfer traffic in and out of the system. By delivering this high level of performance in a fully integrated system, MediaDeck 7000 establishes a new price-per-channel benchmark for professional-grade multichannel media servers.

Drop-in Compatibility

MediaDeck 7000 uses the same time-proven, robust code base as Omneon Spectrum media servers, allowing it to work out of the box with all applications supported by Spectrum systems, including automation software, editors, archiving systems, Omneon Media Applications and others. MediaDeck 7000 uses a standard implementation of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet for asynchronous file transfer and support of FTP, SMB and the Apple® Filing Protocol, providing simple, standardized file movement.

Video Format Flexibility

MediaDeck 7000 provides mounting space and power for up to two independent MediaPort 7000 I/O modules, which provide ingest and playout of HD and SD video and digital audio. A module can be added to an empty slot at any time, and different MediaPort modules can be mixed in a single MediaDeck. MediaPort 7000 modules are the newest and most advanced video I/O modules in the Spectrum family of products, and they are also used in larger Spectrum configurations that include MediaCenter and MediaDirector servers.

Full Flexibility With MediaPort Modules

MediaPorts offer a broad range of formats and record/play capabilities that enable MediaDeck 7000 to support both current and future requirements. Up to two modules fit in a MediaDeck 7000 chassis. MediaPort 7100 and 7300 modules support DV and MPEG-2 SD and HD functionality, and MediaPort 7600 modules support DV, MPEG-2 and AVC-Intra. Each product is offered in a variety of configurations; see the table below for the full range of MediaPort offerings for MediaDeck 7000.

MediaPort Options
Product ID SD HD Proxy MPEG-2 DV/DVCPRO AVC-Intra Up/Down
Cross Conversion
Record Play Record/Play Record Play
MIP-7100-DVS X         X        
MIP-7100-M2S X       X          
MIP-7100-DMS X       X X        
MIP-7300-DMS X     X X X        
MIP-7100-DVH X X       X     X X
MIP-7100-M2H X X     X       X X
MIP-7100-DMH X X     X X     X X
MIP-7101-DMH X X X   X X     X X
MIP-7600-UVP X X     X X   X X X
MIP-7600-APR X X     X X X X X X
MIP-7601-APR X X X   X X X X X X
MIP-7300-M2H X X   X X       X X
MIP-7301-M2H X X X X X       X X
MIP-7300-DMH X X   X X X     X X
MIP-7301-DMH X X X X X X     X X


System configuration and monitoring are handled by the Omneon SystemManager software application, which can be installed on a standard PC. Once configured, MediaDeck 7000 will continue to operate normally even if the SystemManager becomes unavailable for any reason.

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