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By: Omneon  09-12-2011
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Omneon is the leading global supplier of media servers for broadcast and video production. A pioneer in the use of advanced IT technologies and open systems for broadcast and video production applications, Omneon was the first to introduce a modular video server architecture, the Omneon Spectrum, delivering unmatched scalability and flexibility. Since then, the company has continued to improve upon and expand the Spectrum family of media servers, adding support for a broad range of video formats, upgrading storage and system bandwidth, and offering integrated functionality in the MediaCenter and MediaDeck 7000 servers.

The Omneon Spectrum™ media server system is the industry's most open, scalable, reliable and cost-effective video server infrastructure for television ingest, production and playout applications.  Designed around a modular architecture providing flexibility and scalability, Spectrum systems can be precisely configured for channel count, media format, network bandwidth and storage capacity requirements, and be easily adapted as those requirements may change over time.

The MediaCenter is a multi-channel controller for Spectrum media servers that combines integrated storage with MediaPort connectivity to deliver moderate channel counts and flexibility at an exceptional value. MediaCenter supports up to 16 TB of storage, up to three fully-populated external MediaPort I/O devices for four to twelve channels of multi-format record and play, and all Spectrum compatible software applications. Like all Spectrum family products, MediaCenter provides the highest degree of reliability and serviceability through redundant and hot-swappable components, such as power supplies and disk drives.

MediaDeck 7000 is a broadcast-quality video server designed specifically for broadcasters and video professionals who need a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy platform for up to four channels. An integrated version of the Omneon Spectrum media server, MediaDeck 7000 combines storage, system management, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and video I/O modules in a convenient one-rack-unit.

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By aggregating the capacity and performance of individual storage nodes called ContentServers and ContentStores, all connected over a standard Ethernet network infrastructure, MediaGrid's built in clustered file systems creates a single pool of network accessible file storage and its capacity can scale from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes.


Omneon: Products > MediaDeck 7000

MediaPort 7000 modules are the newest and most advanced video I/O modules in the Spectrum family of products, and they are also used in larger Spectrum configurations that include MediaCenter and MediaDirector servers. MediaDeck 7000 uses a standard implementation of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet for asynchronous file transfer and support of FTP, SMB and the Apple® Filing Protocol, providing simple, standardized file movement.


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Spectrum MediaCenter media server systems are designed specifically to eliminate all single points of failure and isolate potential failure points so that a failure of one component does not disrupt operations across the rest of the system.


Omneon: Products > MediaDeck - mediadeck

Unlike media servers that rely on PC computing platforms and operating systems such as Windows, the Omneon MediaDeck system is engineered to satisfy the highly focused needs of realtime video recording and playback for demanding broadcast and video production facilities.


Omneon: Products > Spectrum

The industry-leading Omneon Spectrum media server offers broadcasters and video production facilities unparalleled reliability, flexibility and efficiency in the deployment of file-based workflows. Architected as a modular system, Spectrum can be configured with just a few channels and entry-level storage, or with many dozens of channels and storage for hundreds of hours of content.


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Taking this digital media knowledge and combining it with IT best-practices and an open-platform approach, Omneon developed the Omneon MediaGrid — the first active storage system optimized for production and broadcast workflows. More than just high-performance shared storage; Omneon MediaGrid directly supports media production applications and actively performs media processing functions on stored content.


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Integrating video servers, storage systems and media processing services, an Omneon infrastructure empowers customers to use their choice of applications and efficiently manage content storage growth, evolving formats and new delivery requirements. Omneon provides an open platform optimized for the production, transformation and distribution of digital media. Integrated Media Server for Moderate Channel Counts.