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By:  09-12-2011

The VS-2000 model is the most talked about receiver in the free-to-air industry. With its blaxing 160 MHz Conexant processor coupled with 16MB of SDRAM, the Viewsat Platinum is one of the fastest, easiest to use and most efficient receiver today.

The Viewsat 2000 Platinum also features an amazing EPG, Picture-In-Picture, Optical Sound Output, and lots more!

16MB Flash Rom for Fast GUI, Channel Changing & Satellite Search
• Mpeg-2 Digital and Full DVB
• On-Screen Display with 256-Full Color Interface
• Blind Search (Power Scan)
• Extended EPG and Program Reservation through EPG
• Zoom In Picture (View Up To 9 Channels Simultaneously)
• Dual RCA
• S-Video
• SPDIF Digital Sound
• DiseqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS
• Re-namable 8 Favorite Channel Groups
• Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Loc, Skip, Move and Channel
Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder
• 10 Languages (OSG and Menu): English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Parsi
• Tele-text Support (OSD and VBI Insertion)
• Last Channel Memory Function
• Total 4,000 Channels
• Various Games Included (Tetris, Sokoban)
• Parental Lock/Installation Lock
• Zoom-In Function
$299.00 sinle lot 5+$169.00

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If you wish to continue using your 4DTV receiver you can follow the enclosed 7-step process conversion, this will clear out all other satellites and W5 will be the only satellite available. Customers will still be able to use their 4DTV receivers after completing a simple 7-step conversion process and will be able to receive the channels found on satellite W5 only.