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By: Omega Crunch  09-12-2011
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I love your product.. I first tried it recently and the kids loved it now we buy it. My favorite way to bake with it is in my banana bread..i add it in and i sprinkle it on the top mmmm :) - Lynn from Halifax

Omega Crunch® Roasted Maple Flax         

Available in the following sizes online

          57g Purse Size

          175g Table Shaker
375g Re-sealable Bag

          1kg Bulk

          2 kg Bulk

Omega Crunch Roasted Maple Flax is a great blend of pure maple syrup and premium shelled flax gently and perfectly hand roasted in small batches.  

Ingedients:  Canadian Shelled Flaxseed, Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

No preservatives
Non GMO 
Gluten Free
Sodium Free

Great on oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, fruit salads, ice-cream, peanut butter, desserts and so on.

Omega Crunch® Roasted Garlic Flax

Available in the following sizes online

  •           60g Purse Size

  •           200g Table Shaker

          380g Re-sealable Bag

          1.10 kg Bulk

          2.15 kg Bulk

Omega Crunch Roasted Garlic Flax is a great mix of premium Canadian flax seed, garlic powder and premium Japanese pure sesame oil.  As with all our products gently and perfectly hand roasted in small batches.   Adds a full flavour to your favorite dishes.

Ingedients:  Canadian Shelled Flaxseed, garlic powder, pure sesame oil

  • No preservatives
  • Non GMO  
  • Gluten Free
  • Sodium Free

Use the garlic flax just like you would a seasoning, or salt and pepper.  Sprinkle on to of your favorite dishes: rice, pasta, potatoes, salads, mx in dips etc.

 Omega Crunch Regular Shelled Flax  

In addition to our very popular Roast Maple Crunch, we offer Omega Crunch Original.  This is premium shelled flax - all natural.  The Original has a superior shelf life.   

Omega Crunch Shelled Flax Key Features -

No Grinding   

With Omega Crunch Flax, you do not have to grind the flax seed to benefit from the Omega-3 Oil inside.  You may be thinking what is grinding?  Many people wake up in the morning, go to the coffee grinder and grind up whole flax seed.  Why they do this is to break up the whole flax seed, and release the Omega-3 oil so their body can digest the oil.  With Omega Crunch, the shelled flax has had the shell removed = your body can digest the oil.   Think of a sunflower seed, you remove the hard shell to get at the seed inside.  

Shelled Flax (De-Hulled Flax) has had the shell removed from the kernel which removes the barrier to digestion, and allows your body to readily digest the goodness.      

Good Shelf Life

The barrier has been removed but the oil remains intact in the kernel. 

Think of the shell thin layer of protection for the kernel, the barrier has been removed without harming the oil inside.  

Shell removed=Your body can readily digest the healthy omega-3 oils.

Omega-3 Oil Easily Digested

Yes, the oil in Omega Crunch is now easily digested.  You can take Flax Oil, Milled Flax, or personally grind your flax, and all three processes are designed to remove the barrier to allow your body to digest the oil.  With ground flax, you get a powdery style mix.  By grinding flax in a coffee style you get a heavier substance that you spoon into your food. 

Dark=outer shell (fibre)

Yellow=inside kernel (omega-3) 

So yes those breads with whole flax seed are not as good as you assumed.   

Nutty Crunchy Great Taste

Our Maple Crunch is made with Pure Maple Syrup, and 100% high quality Canadian Flax.  

Many use our flax as a replacement for nuts in recipes.  It is a hit with the kids!

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