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By: Oligo Professionnel  09-12-2011


Decurl is an ammonia free / thio free permanent relaxer formulated for naturally curly, wavy or permed hair. It was formulated to relax hair, eliminates troublesome cowlicks and renders unruly hair manageable. Stop spending an hour blow-drying your hair to achieve a degree of straightness and style. After one Decurl application, your blow drying time will be reduced to only 10 minutes at the most. Many men desire more manageability and style for their resistant, curly and wavy hair. After one application, they are able to create a more natural look.

  • Decurl eliminates the effects of humidity, thereby preventing naturally curly and wavy hair from frizzing under humid conditions.
  • Decurl is so safe, only one formula for all hair types is necessary.
  • Decurl is truly a product for today's client who wants to achieve straight, smooth and shiny hair. Decurl leaves the hair feeling natural and in better condition with no lingering odor.

Possible corrective work applications with Decurl


Apply Decurl 1 inch around cowlick area and redirect hair in desired position. Cowlick control usually needs to be done every 2-3 months. This is a great service to up-sell a haircut.

Front hairline redirection:

Apply Decurl 1 inch around area so it blends into the desired frontal pattern.

Top crown:

The entire top of the head may require redirection.

Side hair movement:

Hair grows in a circle around the head. Most people want the hair on the side of their face to go either back or front but not both. Directional control is possible by applying Decurl to root.

Men's necklines:

If hair is misbehaving, apply Decurl from back top of ear down to nape1 inch behind misbehaving hair and process. Over direct the hair behind the ear up toward the cheekbone.

Spot perming:

Wrap and process with Decurl. It will not drip!

Crown control prior to perming:

In cowlick area, regardless of wrapping technique used, growth pattern may causes the curl to flip over and flatten out. To avoid this problem, apply Decurl to root area, redirect hair straight up and clip to maintain vertical position of hair shaft. When process is complete, shampoo hair but DO NOT neutralize. Proceed with perm as usual.


Hair can be relaxed and made more manageable or achieve bone straight result with help of ceramic iron.

Frizz Control:

To control frizz on naturally curly hair apply Decurl to frizz area.  Arrange curls in desired pattern and process. Rearrange curls for the neutralizing process.  Hair will maintain natural curl minus the frizz!

IMPORTANT : Upon initial application leave Decurl on hair 5 minutes and then proceed in redirecting the hair to desired position.

The above suggested applications are only examples. Any desired redirection can be achieved using.

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