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By: Oligo Professionnel  09-12-2011


Oligo Professionnel offers you a complete selection of high end ammonia free, organic coloring and lightening products, working tools and accessories. These products were created in our Montreal based laboratories to meet the stylists and their customers' needs. Inspired by the highest standards in our industry you will notice a drastic improvement in the quality of hair when you use Oligo Professionnel products. To find out more about these ammonia free products please review the information provided in this section.

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Decurl eliminates the effects of humidity, thereby preventing naturally curly and wavy hair from frizzing under humid conditions. To avoid this problem, apply Decurl to root area, redirect hair straight up and clip to maintain vertical position of hair shaft. Decurl is an ammonia free / thio free permanent relaxer formulated for naturally curly, wavy or permed hair. Apply Decurl 1 inch around cowlick area and redirect hair in desired position.


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To do so, we've completely eliminated the harsh but widely used ammonia and replaced the thioglycolate acid with Cysteamine, a gentler chemical for the hair and the scalp. The unique Oligo Professionnel concept of waves and texturizers offers unlimited artistic options as you can curl, texturize and create shapes to support any new style.