ROCK IRON STEEL by Steve Justa

By: Oldtime Strongman  09-12-2011
Keywords: strength training

"Don't have a weight set?
..Get a tractor!"

Nebraska wildman Steve Justa
takes a 480-lb barrel for a ride

Somewhere out there in the wilds of Nebraska lives the strongest man you
have probably never heard of..

Sure he might lift "weights" -- but only when he feels like it.. he'd

rather lift rocks, huge chunks of concrete, or do dead

lift lockouts with over a ton of scrap iron.

His name is Steve Justa, and he is the author of


, one of the most unusual

strength training courses of all time.

You see, years ago, Steve Justa quietly started

a training revolution with his barrel lifting course

- but barrel lifting is just the beginning of the

techniques he has devised for building incredible


Steve Justa is the kind of guy who could turn a junk

yard into a gym.

He is once known to have said that

"if you don't have a barbell
set, just lift your tractor"

- which should tell you a lot about

him and his approach to building strength: authentic, creative,

and productive.

If you had to sum up

ROCK IRON STEEL: The Book of Strength


a few words, it would definitely be "

unconventional.. but effective


.. after all, there's a lot more to "getting strong" than just barbells

and dumbbells.

Join Steve Justa as he teaches you his unique spin on what it takes to build maximum strength and power using his methods.

You'll learn about some lifts and training techniques you've never even heard of before as well as new ways to apply familiar ones, always with the goal of developing speed-strength, total body power, and raw, functional strength.

ROCK IRON STEEL Table of Contents: Introduction: Philosophy of Strength
Backgound in hard work.. 1000 ways to build strength..
Powerlifters vs. Olympic Weightlifters.. the interrelation of
Chapter 1: Lifting for Strength and Endurance
Toughening the mind and will power.. Conquering
fear.. becoming a true 'iron man' .. 'challenge'
workoutsChapter 2: Carrying Weight
The truest test of strength.. coordination of strength
and endurance.. The three strength tests of Hermann
Goerner.. allover development.. chain or weight vest
carrying.. walking with heavy weight

Chapter 3. Dragging or Pushing Weight, G-Force Training
Body power and endurance.. Sumo wrestlers.. sled
pulling.. sideways dragging.. the scissors step..
one-arm dragging.. hand smashing.. "sudden stop"Chapter 4: Power Aerobic Isometrics
Quick body movements.. ligaments and tendon strength..
Wind and endurance.. Bruce Lee's Training.. "less effort,
more power".. baling hay.. the amateur mindset vs. the
professional mindset.. power rack isometrics.. isometrics for
football players

Chapter 5: Running With Weight
Building the strength of the foot and ankle.. G-Force
training.. wrist strength and punching power Chapter 6: Singles Build Tremendous Strength
Weekly schedule for single training.. 'one lift' training
schedule.. 'the target zone'.. the speed factor
Chapter 7: The Hand and Thigh Lift or The Quarter Dead Lift
The ultimate test for upper leg and hip strength.. setup
suggestions.. maximum power generation.. crushing
strength in the hands.. the 2000 lb. pull.. saving your
hands Chapter 8: The Back Lift
Louis Cyr and Paul Anderson.. the two-ton lift.. building a
back lift setup.. best surface to train on.. performing the
back lift.. positioning.. holds for time Chapter 9: Partial Movements
The quarter squat.. the bench press lockout.. the quarter
deadlift.. one shoulder lifting.. routine #1.. routine #2..
rack training.. standing jerks.. lockouts.. Russian training..
body toughening Chapter 10: The Shovel or Pitchfork Lift
Benefits of training with awkward objects.. 20 sets of 2..
mental and physical strength.. your limits.. working the
twisting muscles of the waist and back Chapter 11: Barrel Lifting
Weights and repetitions.. where to find your barrel.. the
barrel lifting workout.. how often to train.. shouldering..
barrel throwing Chapter 12: Training Philosophy and Attack Plan
Nutrition tips.. fasting.. strength, power and speed..
visualization techniques.. goal setting.. establishing the
base.. lifting strategies.. maximum strength with minimum
bodyweight.. building will power.. quick descriptions of lifts Chapter 13: Gaining Strength at Any Age
Limitations.. mind power.. physical and mental strength..
moving forward Chapter 14: Personal Lifting Records
Steve Justa's official and unofficial strength records

Going for a walk ~ Steve Justa Style. You can read more about this kind of training in chapter 2.

ROCK IRON STEEL by Steve Justa is a 6' x 9' trade paperback containing 14 chapters in 105 pages. The chapter contents are listed in detail in the box to the right. There are many charts and illustrations throughout as well as workout and exercise recommendations for specific athletes and sports.

Keywords: strength training

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