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Note: The following books and courses have individual product pages which contain further details and more information.

Straight from the pages of Strength in Health Magazine in the mid-1960s and 1970s comes every article in John McCallum's excellent series of training articles.  Whether beginner or advantec trainee, you'll learn a lot from what McCallum has to say

Known as "the King of Clubs,"  Burrows was the foremost expert on training with Indian clubs, this course outlines his methods and philosophy for building strength and endurance.

- The Modern Classic! if there were ever a single book that every serious strength athletes should have in their lifting library, Dinosaur Training would be it.

- "unorthodox.. but effective" would be what comes to mind when reading anything by Nebraska strongman Steve Justa.

Learn the unique training methods that allowed a Tennessee farmer to set the world deadlift record.

- A legendary workout scheme that has put more size and strength on lifters throughout the years than any other.

by Steve Jeck

- In the mighty days of yore, strength and valor was tested by legendary lifting stones, and many of these tests still exist today. Do you have what it takes to challenge the immortals?

- Jan Dellinger worked for the York Barbell Company for over two decades and even shared an office with John Grimek. In Dell Files I, Jan shares some of the training info he has learned over the years and some of the amazing things he has witnessed.

How does Mr. Universe train? Reg park took the title three times and almost a forth and his principles of Strength and Bulk training work like magic.

- The Russian Lion, strength athlete, champion wrestler and physique star from a century ago reveals his views on life and lifting.

by Thomas Inch, George Jowett, Mike Brown and Edward Aston -

You need strong hands if you are going to be a strong man, these four classic grip courses will teach exactly what you need to know to literally "get a grip."

- Two of the Iron Game's classic texts are once again available: Get your copies of

"Weight-Lifting Made Easy and Interesting"


"How to Use a Barbell"

to learn how to do all the classic lifts

These books and courses do not currently have product pages but can still be ordered online right here:

All About Strand Pulling by Syd Devis ~
The Muscle Control Collection (3 Courses) ~The George Jowett Collection (3 Courses) ~ The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum ~

Legacy of Iron 2 by Brooks Kubik ~ Order Now

Keywords: Books

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Classic York Barbell Club T-Shirts

We've got some plans in the works -- but -- starting out, instead of coming up with something new, we are going to bring you a blast from the past: The Official York Barbell Club Logo T-Shirt, straight out of the pages of classic Strength and Health Magazine. One of the things that we have been getting more and more requests for has been to start featuring more cool 'strength' T-shirts, the kind that makes for an even better workout.


ROCK IRON STEEL by Steve Justa

You'll learn about some lifts and training techniques you've never even heard of before as well as new ways to apply familiar ones, always with the goal of developing speed-strength, total body power, and raw, functional strength. Sure he might lift "weights" -- but only when he feels like it.. Nebraska wildman Steve Justa takes a 480-lb barrel for a ride. A training revolution with his barrel lifting course.


York Barbell Club Hooded Sweatshirt

The York Barbell Club hooded sweat shirts feature the HEAVIEST material we could find both for comfort and for durability. You can now sport your very own "York Barbell Club" hooded sweatshirt the next time you train.


Classic Grip Courses l Thomas Inch l George Jowett l Edward Aston l Mike Brown

Specific training to build an "iron grip and powerful forearms" was essential to the Oldtime Strongmen for what should be some very obvious reasons: you can't bend a horseshoe, rip a deck of cards, or tear a phone book in half if you don't have strong hands.


Classic Wooden Indian Clubs | Indian Clubs for Sale | 1-800-978-0206

Think of how many different directions you can move your arm and how few of them you can reach with "weights" alone.There's no question that the shoulder girdle is by far one of the most movable areas of the body but it is also one of the most fragile.