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Specific training to build an "iron grip and powerful forearms" was essential to the Oldtime Strongmen for what should be some very obvious reasons: you can't bend a horseshoe, rip a deck of cards, or tear a phone book in half if you don't have strong hands. This is also a big factor in why many of the Oldtime Strongmen were well known for their unbelievable grip strength - and why many of their records in that department still stand to this day.

Now you can learn exactly how to do it too, directly from the greatest strong men themselves with our collection of


Classic Grip Courses. Each of these authors has the credentials and know-how to

help you build some of the strongest hands around:

Developing The Grip and Forearm
by Thomas Inch

Thomas Inch was Britain's strongest youth at 16, the first official Britain's Strongest Man and at one time had the largest physical fitness correspondence school in Great Britain. He wrote an untold number of books, courses and training articles and was an excellent strandpuller and all-around lifter but in Oldtime strength circles, the name Thomas Inch is recognized above all else for one thing: grip strength.

Inch's "unliftable" Challenge Dumbbell has defied thousands of strong men over the last hundred years (and still does today). Many a strength athlete tried but failed to break it off the ground..

After many years and numerous requests, Inch finally decided to put in writing the methods by which he had developed his incredible levels of grip strength. So here it is, once again made available to the potential "grip masters" of the strength world Thomas Inch's wonderful course:

"Developing the Grip and Forearm

" (originally published in 1930) and now available in high-quality modern reprint edition.

Don't let weak hands stand in the way of lifting limit poundages. This training course. will strengthen the weak link between you and record poundages. Fully illustrated, soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11" in size, also includes a list of historical grip feats

"Iron Claws" Grip Development
and Bench Press Course
by Mike Brown

Iron Clawsis a rare and extremely hard-to-find training course, full of valuable and result producing information, and is now available once again. In the early 1970's, Mike Brown set out to bench press maximum weights using a unique partial range of motion training program that he designed.

The weights kept growing heavier and one day Brown sprained his wrist with over 600 pounds on the bar. He realized then and there that if his bench press was going to get any stronger, his wrists and forearms would need to follow suit. His research and subsequent experimentation became

"Iron Claws: Grip Development and Bench Press Course" .

This extremely interesting training course first appeared in 1974 among the many unusual titles in The Madison Co. book catalogue. Few copies were printed and even fewer were sold but now you can benefit from this course in the high-quality modern reprint version.

You'll learn about how the oldtimers developed 16" forearms and enormous coin bending grip strength, the author's special wrist roller, rack rebounders for heavy bench pressing, training in mud, and a variety of other unique training ideas.

"How to Develop a Powerful grip "
by Edward Aston"

Edward Aston is certainly qualified to teach you how to build a strong grip.. he was The World's Middle-weight Weightlifting Champion, British Heavy-weight Champion Weightlifter, and Britain's Strongest Man from 1911-1934 (he retired undefeated.)

Aston knew full well that stronger hands meant greater strength everywhere else and in 1946 wrote

"How to Build a Powerful Grip"

teaching how he did so throughout his colorful strongman and stage career. Sit back and read about the pet feats of grip strength of such notable grip masters as: Caswell, Vansittart "The Man with the Iron Grip", Breitbart, Marx, Topham, Samson, Tolson, Fox, Sandow, Inch, etc.

All in all, this publication is not only very informative but entertaining as well. It will provide you with exercises and techniques which can not be found anywhere else. Get a copy and add it to your grip training library, you'll be glad you did! Fully illustrated, soft cover, and 8 l/2 x 11 in size. 

"Molding a Mighty Grip"
by George Jowett

"Molding a Mighty Grip" was first published as part of George Jowett's "Molding" library and features one of Jowett's specialties: grip and forearm training. Formerly a blacksmith and chain maker by trade, Jowett developed powerful hands, 8 1/4" wrists, 15 1/4" muscular forearms, and 17 3/4" upper arms making his incredible feats of grip strength legendary.

Jowett's most famous feat was that of lifting a 168 lb. anvil by the horn to shoulder height and pressing it with one hand! Alan Calvert, founder of Milo Barbell Co., referred to Jowett as the most scientific weightlifter in America. This booklet describes Jowett's unique exercises for developing each digit of the hands and turning them into "iron claws."

In addition, Jowett reminisces about many of the famous old-time strongmen and their specialty feats of grip strength. A great book available once again for the truly serious student of grip strength. Get a copy today and start training your grip the way the great George F. Jowett trained his! Fully illustrated, soft cover, and 8 l/2 x 11 in size.

Keywords: Grip, Grip Strength

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