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By: Oldstone Rock Quarries  09-12-2011
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Monotis subcircularis

The main product of Oldstone Rock Quarries is a fossilized shale from Northeastern British Columbia, Canada.  The rock is approximately 200 million years old and the most common fossil in the rock is Monotis subcircularisMonotis was an ancestor to our modern day scallop and it belonged to the family "Pectinidae".  A modern day example of scallop shells, that are also in the Pecten family, are depicted by the well known emblem or logo of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Oil and Shell Canada Limited.  There are many varieties of shell fossils in the shale and the changes in physical appearance from one rock to another is due largely to depositional environment.  Colours of the rock range from light to dark grey and some rocks are slightly brown.

Rock used for construction purposes and mainly found as a decorative facing on any type of wall or fireplace.

Rock used for all types of landscaping including rock gardens, feature rock and address rock.

Rock can be used for display almost anywhere in the home, in fresh water aquariums, as book ends and many other potential uses.

Keywords: fresh water, Rock Quarries

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