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By: Old South Pet Nanny  09-12-2011
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We schedule free consultations with all new clients to become acquainted with your pet's personality and to assess your specific needs in order to customize our services to meet your expectations.

Private Dog Walks

Daily exercise is essential to your dog's health and happiness.  Old South Pet Nanny offers 30-60 minute walks which can be scheduled between 7am and 11pm daily. 

30 minute walk - $15

60 minute walk - $20

3 same day walks - $40*

*30 minute walks.  Longer visits available by request.  Prices to be determined upon consultation.

Package of ten 30 minute walks - $125**

**package must be paid for in advance to ensure 20% discount, however visits can be used as needed without expiry.

Trips to the Dog Park

Do you have a high energy pooch that loves to run with other dogs and play fetch with their favourite toy?  Our hour long trips to the park help to keep your dog healthy and socialized.

60 minute run in the park - $20

Potty Breaks/Food & Water Replenishments

When your work day is long or your travel plans take you out of town overnight, you can rely on an Old South Pet Nanny to visit your furry friend(s) up to three  times a day.  During our 30 minute visits, our nanny will take your dog for needed potty breaks, replenish fresh food and water at mealtimes and give them enough love and attention to tie them over until your happy return.

30 minute visit - $15

3 same day visits - $40

Administration of medications/Special needs - $10

Pet Taxi

Do you need help taking your dog or cat to their vet appointment?  Could you benefit from the convenience of a pet food delivery service?  An Old South Pet Nanny will gladly help you run your pet related errands.

Round Trip - $30

Pooper Scoop Service

Cleaning up the yard or the litterbox can be the pits.  Let the Old South Pet Nannies take this stinky chore off your hands.

Yard Clean-up - $12

Seasonal Clean-up by assessment

Kitty Litter Clean- up - $5

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Keywords: Food And Water, Pet Nanny,