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By: Office Boys Logistics  09-12-2011
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Offering only premium service with no weight, size or value restrictions, MedLab Logistics ensures the fastest delivery possible throughout the world, often measuring in hours what other companies measure in days. Our trained couriers are standing by, ready to pick up and deliver your package by ground or by air. With thousands of flights at our disposal, every air shipment travels on the first available flight regardless of the time the order is placed. Our entire global network operates on a 24-hour basis, available 7 days a week, 365 days each year including weekends and holidays.

At MedLab Logistics, we offer you total service without boundaries. Expect unparalleled domestic service throughout the U.S. including:

  • Same Day Rush - For time-critical de liveries, from a single vial to oversized, medical machinery , trust in MedLab’s experience for on-time service with a reliable fleet of cars, vans and trucks. No shipment is ever held for consolidation.
  • Rush Trucking - MedLab ’ s fleet of trucks can handle shipments of freight for rush deliveries going anywhere. MedLab ’ s truck drivers can load, secure, transport and offload your truck cargo quickly and carefully and are equipped with all the necessary instruments in order to do so.
  • Delivery Routes and Scheduled Runs -  Timing is everything, particularly when it comes to your scheduled delivery needs. You can rely on MedLab Logistics to manage the critical de liveries that are the lifeblood of your organization. We handle sensitive deliveries each day and pride ourselves on a consistent on-time delivery record. Customized delivery routes tailored to meet your needs. Conjunctive and dedicated routes designed to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Next Flight Out - Let MedLab Logistics manage your air-to-ground transportation with our daily Next Available Flight service throughout the US. We are ready to tender your package on the quickest possible flight and will coordinate and handle the shipment from door to door.
  • Hand Carry -   For critically urgent deliveries requiring air transportation , your schedule is our priority. MedLab Logistics offers hand- carry /on-board courier services, including a dedicated courier to maintain constant, in-transit contact with your shipment. The courier’s mission is to keep physical possession of your item(s) during the journey of the item. In many cases, this is the most secure means of transporting your sensitive material to in ternational and domestic destinations due to the continuous supervision of the package and minimal check-in and transfer times.

  • Customizable delivery options:
  1. Medically Vital Parcel (M.V.P.) – This plan provides you with everything MedLab Logistics has to offer, as well as, specialized transportation services and resources to suit your unique medical/laboratory situation .
  2. Vitally Important Parcel (V.I.P.) – This plan provides you with all services of the MVP in addition to, the option of a private plane charter or “Lifeguard” flight status and the dispatch of a uniformed attendant who will hand carry your most critical deliveries anywhere in the world.
  • Pick-up by 06:00 a.m. with same day delivery before noon throughout the U.S.

MedLab Logistics offers complete warehousing and logistic distribution with exclusive, separated and sanitized spaces dedicated to your inventory. We realize the importance of your property and it is always available when you need it, immediately!

MedLab Logistics is available to pick, pack, stuff, collate, warehouse and manage your inventory either as a “last minute” option, or as a long-term project. We'll provide the labor, we'll provide the warehouse, and you provide the need. We are your logistics solutions provider.

  • Inbound/outbound inventory control

  • Secure, climate controlled warehouse

  • Weekly / monthly /   yearly inventory audits

  • Personalized service designed to meet your needs

  • 24 hr. part pulls and deliveries

  • After hours attendance and staff members available 24 hrs. a day

  • Shipping through National Carriers upon request

“It’s not just a box, it’s what’s in the box.”

Keywords: Courier, flight, Warehouse