Chewing Gum Remover

By: Off The Walls  09-12-2011


1. Spray product liberally on Gum Spots
2. Leave on affected area for a minimum of 10 Minutes
3. Spray 1200 + PSI - Cold (or Hot) Water on the Gum - start at edge and work across spots until completely removed.** No Rinsing Required **

Suggested Tools:
Gum Remover, Pressure Washer, Gloves & Safety Goggles.
Always Remember Safety First: be cautious when applying any product.

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Oil Away

Have a look at the following demonstrations plus bonus information on marine use from our partner company in the U.S.. Saturate the affected/contaminated area by spraying or pouring a layer of Oil Away on it. Environmentally friendly, commercial grade product. You can use your Paypal account or a credit card. Removes oil from any surface naturally.