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By: Ofek  09-12-2011


•  We take the time to understand your specific needs and requests so that we can minimize the pressure that comes with looking for the right person to care for a loved one.

•  We listen to you and asses your needs thus creating a unique job description for your specific family that suits you even down to your personality.

•  We do all the interviewing with our candidates our selves (both locally and overseas), in order to make sure that we supply you with highly experienced and compassionate employees.

•  We have the best selection of candidates from Canada and around the world, being a highly experienced international company.

•  We make absolutely sure that our caregivers come with the highest references and are trained in CPR and First Aid.

•  We offer you a wide selection of applicants for a wide selection of part-time or full-time positions: Housekeepers/Cooks, Nurses, Live-in/Live-out Caregivers and Nannies.

•  We help you handle all the paperwork involved with hiring one of our candidates, including HRDC permits and applications.

•  We continue to follow up with you long after you hire a candidate and make sure that you are never left without a placement or assistance.

•  We offer a 6 months guarantee in the rare case you should find your self dissatisfied with one of our candidates.

•  We provide pre-calculated payroll deductions

•  We represent candidates who are more than willing to be positioned in rural places

What are the advantages in having a nanny? •  You get to personally choose the person who will be influencing your child,
according to their personality, parenting abilities and moral values.
•  A nanny enables you to take your time in the morning and avoid picking up
or dropping off your children during rush hours.
•  In case a child is sick, the nanny is flexible and
able to care for him all day long.
•  Our nannies are committed to their families and are friendly and educated.
•  Our nannies can also provide you with house keeping and cooking services. Elderly care:
Caregivers/Nurses as the most suitable way to help those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, A Stroke or Multiple Sclerosis: A Physical handicap doesn’t have to mean the end of the world for the patient or for his/her family. We believe that hiring a caregiver/nurse can help keep a routine of life while maintaining a person's self dignity and pride.
A handicapped person might need to learn how to live his day-to-day life all over again. Sadly, sometimes the person's family doesn't have the ability (neither physical nor emotional) to take such close care of him/her, but that doesn't mean he/she don't still deserve to be an active and contributing part of society.
We at Ofek homecare specialize in giving overall solutions for these types of situations, through the hiring of caregivers available 24/7. These trained professionals can ensure that your loved one receives the best treatment available, specifically suited to his/her medical and emotional needs.
In the case of a stroke: A stroke occurs when there is a disruption with blood supply to the brain, which damages and sometimes kills brain cells. A stroke is rated as the second most common cause of death in the world (after heart attacks). A stroke can occur in any stage of a person's life and causes not only physical but also mental disability.
A person who suffers a serious stroke needs help with the most basic activities, such as taking a bath or cooking, and requires a long rehabilitation process, using physiotherapy and occupational therapy. However, this does not necessarily mean you will have to admit your loved one in a rehabilitation facility. With the help of a highly qualified caregiver/nurse, they are able to keep on living in their own home and maintain their self dignity. Our goal is to gradually help return the patients to normality and to their community as quickly as possible. In the case of Multiple Sclerosis: MS is a chronic illness that damages the main nervous system. It attacks patients under the age of 30, and deteriorates over the following years. A person who suffers from MS feels weakness, has trouble with coordination, has blurred vision, has difficulty with speech, suffers from paralysis etc.
The rate of the deterioration causes uncertainty regarding the future, and every day brings with it new functional challenges for the patient. A person who's in an advanced stage might need help with each and every daily activity, such as taking a bath and cooking, and will need physiotherapy and occupational therapy. With that said, there is absolutely no need for a loved one to give up their normal life from an early age. With the help of a highly qualified caregiver/nurse, he/she can keep on living in their own home and maintain their self dignity.
The extensive care we supply can help not only the patient, but his/her family as well in their attempt to continue with their own lives with relative peace of mind. In the case of Alzheimer's: Alzheimer's disease is a degenerated illness that harms the brain cells and causes their death without the possibility of renewal. Approximately 10%-15% of people over the age of 65 have the disease. It attacks the ability to function, the memory, the ability to think etc. Those who suffer from Alzheimer's loose the ability to function on their own quite quickly. This requires immediate and extensive care, which usually tends to become the family's responsibility. Quite often, the family refuses to accept that their loved one is ill, and so by the time the Alzheimer's deteriorates, it can become difficult to get outside help. Therefore, you might want and need to seek a caregiver's help from the early stages of the disease.
With the help of a highly qualified caregiver/nurse, your loved one can keep on living at home and maintain their self dignity. The extensive care we supply can help not only the patient, but his/her family as well in their attempt to continue with their own lives with relative peace of mind.