By: Odourpro Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Natural Oils

Our process includes multiple techniques sandwiched in an aggressive approach to odour elimination.  We have combined air exchange, ozone generation, and dry vapour technology into a system unique to OdourPro Services Ltd.Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule which is found in the upper atmosphere as well as at the earth's surface from lightning during thunderstorms.  Ozone is an unstable molecule which easily reverts back to oxygen.  The ozone we generate will oxidize odour producing compounds and change them into another harmless substance leaving a fresh, clean smell.Dry vapour technology was created for use in hospitals to eliminate odours in cancer wards and burn units.  Comprised of over 32 select natural oils, the vapour emitted reacts with odour molecules.  As the essential oils react with molecules of the undesirable odour permanent neutralization occurs.

Keywords: Natural Oils

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