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By: Octopus Dmc  09-12-2011

Nous savons que vous ne voulez pas que vos voyages de motivation se limitent aux tours de ville et aux thématiques classiques de soirées. Chez Octopus DMC, nous nous faisons un point d’honneur de créer des programmes innovateurs. Nous sommes particulièrement fiers de notre capacité de créer des événements différents et excitants et d’organiser des spectacles qui transformeront votre première impression en un souvenir qui vous restera longtemps.

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Octopus DMC - Our Services - transportation hospitality

In fact, the suppliers/partners with whom we associate ourselves all offer vehicles combining comfort, safety and peace of mind. Octopus DMC’s transportation services uses vehicles that are much more than just an easy way to get from one point to another. Octopus DMC’s on-site supervision is a value added that guarantees an efficient and enjoyable service for your delegates.


Octopus DMC - Our Services - registration services

Octopus DMC’s professional registration services specialize in processing registrations and payments for conventions, seminars, symposiums, meetings and any special events.


Octopus DMC - Our Services - services

We take special pride in our ability to discover different and exciting venues and entertainment acts that will transform those first impressions into lasting memories. We understand that you don’t want your incentive programs to limit themselves to city tours and the theme evening classics. At Octopus DMC, we continually challenge ourselves in order to produce "novel & creative" programs.


Octopus DMC - Our Services - incentive programs

Octopus DMC offers a complete one-stop solution for incentive programs – from finding the right venue, through to highly personalised event itineraries, to the creation and the production of themed activities and events. By applying the same professional techniques we use in our convention management department, our incentive team offers a full bespoke service dedicated to assisting incentive houses.


Octopus DMC - Our Services - programs decor entertainment

Octopus DMC will design, produce and supervise your evening program: gala, banquet, awards night, "fun" night, dine-around, press party, product launch or employee gathering. The true value of a well-done evening program is when people are moved to laughter, to tears, or to simply have new thoughts or ideas. Our design team adds to the spirit of the evening by creating unforgettable visual impact to give your event the JDM* factor.


Octopus DMC - Our Services - pre convention planning

As a first class Destination Management Company , we have an in-depth knowledge of the destinations we offer: Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa and the Charlevoix region. It will be a pleasure for us to share our field experience in order to eventually offer you a customized program for your group.