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By: Occasionography  09-12-2011

“Becoming a dealer is one of the best decisions I’ve made. My customers’ faces light up when they see their orders.” Jenny C. - Milford, PA

“I am thrilled about all the new products you've developed for us dealers. Thank you for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to promoting our new products to our current and potential customers.” Swanzetta S. – Riverside, CA

The children in the class were very excited to see all their classmates as well as a picture of themselves on their water bottle.  I also received an order from the PTA for the school logo to be placed on the red/white/blue flag wrapper!  It really looked great.” Patricia F. – Delran, NJ

“I am so excited about all the new products that have been introduced. I am raring to getting back in the wrapper game again. Thanks and keep the great stuff coming.” Tanya C. – Lithonia, GA

“I have to say I love the new products, especially the SplashBands™! They are awesome and I know they will be a hit.” Bethany C. – Derby Line, VT

“Orders continuously come in from mostly word of mouth. It’s fun, easy and affordable to start. People simply love the wrappers. We recommend it to anyone.” Ross J. – Owensboro, KY

“I just came home from my first bridal show a few hours ago and I am still in complete shock over the fantastic positive feedback from the brides. This is going to be a great year!” Tash S. – Gering, NE