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By: Oak Hill Corporation  09-12-2011

Imagine a World Without User Guides

Unless you are Apple Computer, most technical products take true grit and determination to set up, install, and figure out how to use the first few times. Which is why the user guide was invented, to make it easy for early adopters to use your product the first time and every time.

ContentRules™ Technical Documentation is a turn-key service that helps you create the tech docs you need to help your product win its market. Need copywriters, editors, illustrators, animators, and coders? We can provide a single writer to help your in-house team through a crunch. Or help you staff up a complete documentation department to support your next big product launch.

We’ll work with you to understand your business objectives, craft a content strategy that includes re-use and an understanding of technical data formats including XML, and then provide the people and expertise you need to execute on that strategy. Our people aren’t your run-of-the-mill agency types. They’re technical communicators, trained at doing the deep dive with you, so as to truly understand the hurdles early adopters and other users may have to overcome when first setting up and using your product.

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We’ll assign industry experts for high-quality, accurate documentation and a fast learning curve.

  • Installation guides
  • Administration guides
  • User guides
  • Command line references
  • API/developer guides
  • Online help systems
  • Quick start guides
  • Release notes

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