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By: Nutech Energy Alliance  09-12-2011

NuLook™ Advanced Petrophysical Analysis

NuStim™ Advanced Completion Engineering Services

NuView™ Complex 3D Geological Modeling

NuVision™ Complete Reservoir Analysis

The NuVision process utilizes NuLook’s unique textural analysis and key petrophysical outputs, as well as interpreted seismic data and other geologic inputs to render field-wide 3D models of the structure, the reservoir facies, petrophysical properties and associated stratigraphic variance. The client gains a better understanding of his field’s reservoir character, property distribution and permeability connectivity. Streamline simulations are run to establish production drainage regions and to make NuPay determinations. Original as well as remaining in place volumetrics are calculated. Development opportunities are highlighted as to re-completions, re-drills and NuDrill locations.

NuVision Deliverables

  • 3D Structure Model (created from provided structural inputs)
  • 3D Fault Model
  • 3D Facies Model (replica of depositional environment)
  • 3D Property Model (i.e. net effective porosity, permeability, net reservoir, SW,  are distributed within the created facies model)
  • Structure and Property Contour Maps
  • Multiple Realizations are run
  • CSIM (Composite Stratigraphic Image Map)
  • Static in Place Volumetrics are determined (Original and Remaining), tuned to production
  • Streamline simulation used to determine current and future drainage regions, and NuPay
  • NuPay  - (unperforated and undrained NuLook pay) is evaluated and associated volumes are estimated
  • Development opportunities are highlighted as re-completions, re-drills and/or NuDrills (new well locations)
  • Scaled Plots
  • Project Binder & CD
  • Final Report

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