AquaKlean EF105MF Mild Alkaline Cleaner Aluminum detergent soap

By: Nugentec  09-12-2011

Application Notes:
NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean EF 105 MF is a mildly alkaline liquid cleaner.  Moderate-foaming for use in tank applications.  The non-silicated and non-caustic formula will not sludge or scale-up.  The mildly alkaline formula allows AquaKlean EF 105 MF to be used as a multi-metal cleaner.  Other acceptable materials include: plastics, ceramics and glass. 

AquaKlean EF 105 MF was formulated to provide improved removal of particulates and organics while providing reduced residues, and fast rinsing.  AquaKlean EF 105 MF provides excellent wetting and rinsing proprieties and is therefore an excellent choice for pre-plate cleaning.  Removes: inks, polishing and buffing compounds, grease, oils, fingerprints, drawing compounds, metalworking fluids.

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