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By: Aurora Geosciences  09-12-2011
Keywords: Gold Deposits, Geophysical Techniques,

AGL Delivers

AGL provides comprehensive ground and borehole geophysical survey services. Our particular expertise is in the application of geophysical techniques to geological targets found in the North, including:

  • Kimberlites - magnetics, GPR, seismic, frequency domain electromagnetics (FDEM), gravity, borehole
  • VMS and SEDEX deposits - magnetics, time domain electromagnetics (TDEM), FDEM, IP, seismic, gravity, borehole
  • Olympic Dam type deposits - magnetics, FDEM, TDEM, IP, gravity, radiometrics
  • Uranium - gravity, IP, TDEM 
  • Porphyry deposits - magnetics, IP, radiometrics
  • Intrusive hosted gold deposits - magnetics, FDEM, IP
  • Iron formation hosted gold deposits - magnetics, FDEM, IP
  • Structurally-hosted gold deposits - magnetics, FDEM, IP
  • Placer deposits - magnetics, seismic, GPR
  • Coal - FDEM, borehole

AGL delivers high quality data in a cost-effective manner by employing experienced crews equipped with rugged digital instruments. Geophysical data is processed and checked in the field, and preliminary plots are delivered to clients on-site to facilitate exploration projects conducted within tight schedules. 

Our equipment is tailored to the requirements of mineral exploration—lightweight, portable and rugged, allowing us to economically mobilize to remote drill sites.  We also offer flexible call-out service for projects which can easily be accessed from either Yellowknife or Whitehorse.

AGL provides comprehensive geophysical interpretation services employing advanced potential field, electromagnetic and IP inversion software. We operate an in-house physical properties laboratory to accurately define physical property contrasts.

Our staff of geophysicists and geologists work in collaboration to extract geological insight from geophysical data.

IP response (blue) and resistivity low (yellow) together with geology, topography and HLEM conductors at the White River Sill, Yukon (Used with permission - Uravan Minerals Inc.)

Keywords: Geophysical Techniques, Gold Deposits,

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