By: Nsbs  09-12-2011

NSBS provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for your retail facility, and we do it anywhere in the country. Our customer service representatives in our 24-hour operations center will dispatch an authorized partner vendor to your facility in any location that is outside of our self-perform regions.

We have the infrastructure, online systems, and training to manage single and multiple vendor work orders to ensure any problem can be solved with a single call to NSBS. Our trained dispatchers monitor the performance of our vendors and coordinate the service between the technician, the store manager, and the corporate facilities manager ensuring everyone has a common understanding and shared expectation of performance.

We work to save you money. All our technicians and partners are given a not-to-exceed amount within which they can complete the job immediately. Should a repair require more extensive work or additional parts not originally anticipated, our customer service representatives will convey the specifics and obtain the appropriate approvals prior to the job proceeding.

Our CSRs are trained in the industry and know when a price is reasonable or outlandish and we routinely negotiate better rates with the partners prior to contacting our corporate customers. Additionally, we look for opportunities to minimize your repair expenses. If a vendor can consolidate several repairs into a singe trip, we demand they do so and thus assess a single trip charge for several jobs.

We can assist with complex multi-vendor jobs to perform major work such as building and loss prevention access repair following a vehicle collision with a storefront, or a pre-hurricane building board-up and/or storm damage repairs.

Our vendors are experts in each of these fields:
•             Audio / Video Systems
•             Building Maintenance
•             Burglary & Fire Alarms
•             CCTV Systems
•             Doors
•             Gates & Fencing
•             Glass & Security Windows
•             Lighting & Electrical
•             Locks
•             Panic Hardware & Alarms
•             Plumbing
•             Safes

NSBS maintains a fleet of trucks in numerous cities ready to go on a moment's notice to repair almost any type of facility problem. In the metropolitan areas listed to the right, NSBS self-performs most types of service calls, including loss prevention, glazing, general contract construction work, electrical, and others.

Self-performing a portion of the jobs we manage nationally keeps our level of expertise at a peak. It ensures our company understands, lives, and breathes facility maintenance. We understand precisely how a job is performed and that knowledge transfers to an improved ability to coordinate and monitor the work of subcontract vendors throughout the country.

Because we self-perform, we have allocated warehouse space dedicated to parts inventories. We keep a large inventory of frequently-used and hard-to-find specialty parts that we can use to complete repairs immediately in our self-perform regions or we can expedite to our partner vendors to close jobs far faster than dispatch-only management companies can achieve.

Our large chain customers often maintain corporate standards as to the specific brands and types of parts used in every facility. We stock those brands and parts to ensure rapid repairs without the need to obtain oft-backordered parts from the manufacturer.

Because we self-perform, our dispatchers interact with technicians on a daily basis. Our customer service representatives are co-located with our Los Angeles repair and warehouse facility to maximize our CSR's exposure to industry hardware and expertise. This increases the ease with which you can communicate a job's requirements because our CSRs understand the terminology and hardware you are referencing. This also ensures our CSRs are able to communicate with and monitor the progress of our partner vendors with far greater accuracy than found in dispatch-only service companies.

Many facility maintenance companies either (a) perform repair work only in the city or cities in which it has an office, or (b) coordinates the dispatching of vendors nationally but performs no industry work itself, or (c) specializes in a single narrow trade such as HVAC. All of these scenarios force a chain's facility management to work with multiple vendors or to compromise quality. With NSBS, you compromise nothing. We perform all trades throughout the nation with the depth of knowledge to ensure the highest level of quality and the inventory necessary to close jobs fast.

Dealing with repair contractors can be messy as many repairs are conducted by small businesses who have imperfect information as to the job requirements. Your store manager might not be onsite when the contractor performs the work and the shift manager may not be fully aware of all the requirements of a complex repair. Often, parts need to be ordered and follow-up visits are required to complete the work. Sometimes, multiple vendors with specific areas of expertise are required to complete an intricate maintenance job. If a store is busy, your duty supervisor might not have time to scrutinize the quality of the repair prior to signing off on the work order's completion. At other times, one repair of several or one part of a multi-part repair may be completed but, unbeknownst to the duty manager, the overall job is still open.

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We don't rely solely on the store stamp as proof of the completed job; we call every retail outlet to which an NSBS maintenance technician or an authorized partner vendor has been dispatched to perform work and speak to the senior manager to obtain verbal verification of the quality of the completed work.