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Post-completion recalls are a necessary part of facilities management. Fortunately, NSBS handles this task for you so you can be assured that any job listed as closed has been performed properly. How do we do it?

First, we obtain a store manager's signature on the completed work order as well as a store stamp to ensure signature authenticity. This control gives you the confidence that any completed work order was reviewed and the work completion was verified by a properly-authorized store representative.

However, this is often not enough. We don't rely solely on the store stamp as proof of the completed job; we call every retail outlet to which an NSBS maintenance technician or an authorized partner vendor has been dispatched to perform work and speak to the senior manager to obtain verbal verification of the quality of the completed work. If a job was not completed in the manner required of the store's management we will recall that technician or, if required, find a new vendor to service the store.

As a third quality control, we also speak to the technician or his/her dispatcher to confirm the job is considered complete by the tech. On many occasions, a temporary fix has been affected in anticipation of ordering the replacement parts necessary to make a permanent repair. The store manager has signed off on the temporary fix but was not fully apprised or aware of the need for a follow-on repair. We catch those situations and ensure the follow-up work is completed properly.
Technician recalls and the waiving of inappropriate trip-charges and fees for improper work is handled by our experienced call center dispatchers with appropriate comments entered into the call notes, viewable online. Our customers never need deal with vendors directly and often are unaware that recalls have been ordered prior to our flagging a job as complete.

We continuously scrutinize our partners to ensure they have the expertise and diligence needed to service our high-priority customers. If a vendor shows a trend of missing appointments or performing shoddy work, that vendor will be dropped and a new vendor will be assigned to that vendor's outstanding jobs automatically.
Vendors sometimes become overextended. If a vendor is taking too long in completing a job and cannot justify the delay in completing the work or obtaining the necessary parts, NSBS will cancel the job with that vendor and will transfer the job assignment to a new vendor of similar qualifications.

All of these management services take place without the need for customer intervention, though all of these activities can be monitored on our real-time status notes viewable online.
The more we triple-check our service quality, the more our technicians and partners strive to get it right the first time. This is where our 40+ years of industry experience helps, as our reputation has had time to build. NSBS is proud of its well-earned reputation for getting jobs done right the first time.

Facility managers for large chains deal with a voluminous number of spontaneous maintenance needs that arise throughout the various retail locations. NSBS not only saves its customers time and money on the pre-service phase by eliminating the need to locate and communicate with numerous individual vendors but also saves money on the post-service phase by offering alternatives to individual invoices for each dispatched job.

Processing an invoice costs your company money. Your chain may experience hundreds or even thousands of repair jobs per year. We can save you money by consolidating the invoices so your staff can process them in batches and minimize the payables management costs.

NSBS handles the payments to any subcontractor or vendor used to complete a service call. We also work with any service management company your chain may use and can coordinate billing with the management company if requested.

Our finance department offers numerous billing options that allow you to process your maintenance-related invoices in the manner that optimizes your efficiency and saves you money. As an NSBS customer, you will have a primary contact in the dispatch call center and in the billing department, plus you can work with our CFO to specify your unique invoicing requirements.

We understand that many companies divide loss prevention work from facility maintenance, others separate their invoices into corporate and franchise-owned facilities and route accordingly. We can accommodate those and other customized routing needs.

NSBS customers may
•             Opt for individual or consolidated invoice statements.
•             Receive separate consolidations for facility and for loss prevention work.
•             Choose the periodicity for consolidations, whether weekly, bi-monthly or other.
•             Receive invoices via fax, regular mail, or via emailed as .pdf attachments.
•             View consolidation summaries in easy-view spreadsheet formats.
•             Bill to individual location, corporate, or parent company points-of-contact.
•             Create a custom billing procedure that meets your specific requirements.

Along with great customer service, Nationwide Security & Building Services provides many additional benefits to our customers within our regions. We continue to grow to meet the needs of our customers by providing parts and services directly to you within these regions.

If you are not a customer of Nationwide Security and Building Services and wish to find out more about how we can provide services for you, you can fill out and submit our new customer information or talk with one of our representatives at (800) 804-0059.

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We keep a large inventory of frequently-used and hard-to-find specialty parts that we can use to complete repairs immediately in our self-perform regions or we can expedite to our partner vendors to close jobs far faster than dispatch-only management companies can achieve.