By: Sandra Phinney  09-12-2011

It’s raining sideways today. There are whitecaps on the river (a rare occurrence.) Puts me in mind of our first canoe trip of the year. It was a fine May morning; I was surprised to hear the weatherman forecast rain, wind and thunder. “The weatherman’s made a mistake,” I said to my husband, Barrie, then [..]

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Eleven year ago when we were in Tortola, I took part in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Mind you, at the time, I didn’t know much about birds. Between December 14 and January 5, over 65,000 birders.


Odds ‘n’ Sods

It sounds a little disgusting, if not downright perverse but I promise you this is all on the up and up. The funny thing is that I’ve been cooking since I was 15. Do you know how to spatchcock a chicken?. I’ve recently been spatchcocking chickens.


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Her stories have appeared in numerous publications, including The New Quarterly, The Malahat Review, and Riddle Fence. Her articles and reviews have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Gourmet Magazine, The Ottawa.



If means you have to pawn your jewelry, re-mortgage your home or raid your piggy bank to attend, do whatever you have to do. If you ever hear that photographer Freeman Patterson is giving a talk or seminar.



Thea Atkinson has written for money, but she prefers writing for passion. She has spent time as an editor, a photographer, a teacher and a writer. It’s just nice when the two find a way to cohabitate together.


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She’s eaten from roadside stands, village delis, the finest restaurants with postage stamp sized kitchens and has enjoyed many a meal in people’s homes. Food and wine is a delicious way to communicate and get to know the people of a region. Meet Lynn Ogryzlo, a food writer, cookbook author and culinary activist.