By: The Mystic Meadow  09-12-2011

We are excited to announce that The Mystic Meadow is now carrying its own line of 100% Organic Herbs and Resins.

Great for smudging, burning, making incense, spells, rituals, and so much more.


Borage - soothes nerves

Cedar Tips - attracts good influence

Lavender - peace of mind, inner calm

Mugwort - fatigue, dreams, purification, protection

Sweetgrass - positive energy, protection, safe travel

Valerian Root - warding off negative energy

Copal Resin - purification, consecration

Dragon's Blood - purification, protection

Frankincese - meditation, protection, purification

Myrrh - Healing, protection, purification

Rose Hips - good luck, love happiness

Smudge Feathers

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