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By: Countryside Canines  09-12-2011

Are you experiencing problems with your dog?

Do you have a new puppy and want to make sure that you get things off on the right foot?

Have one of our instructors come to your home and work with you to achieve a well mannered member of the family. Learn why your dog exhibits certain behaviors and what you can do to correct them and prevent future issues.

The benefits of in-home training:

Convenience - With todays busy schedules it hard to commit to a weekly obedience class. By having an instructor come to you, you choose what time is convenient and the frequency of the sessions.

Customized - Every dog is different, every situation is different. Having an instructor come to your home, we can customize a program that will address current issues that you are experiencing with your dog as well as meet long term goals.

Attention - Receive 100% of the instructors’ undivided attention. Timing is everything when training a dog. Whether it’s for a correction or for praise, timing is a key factor. When in a class setting, it’s hard for an instructor to accurately monitor everyone’s timing, but in a private setting the instructor can pinpoint where you are going wrong and show you how to improve the technique.

Environment - Quite often people taking obedience classes will say “he does it here but we’re still experiencing problems at home.” There is a simple explanation for this, from the first class your dog has been conditioned to listen and obey at obedience classes. You attend the class once a week and all of your efforts are going into training your dog for that hour and you have an instructor/instructors to help you along the way. Then you go home and try to fit training the dog into everyday life, which is a rat race for most of us. Your dog senses your frustrations and views this as a weakness on your part. Not to mention trying to get the rest of the family on the same page when it comes to training. By having an instructor come to your home, the whole family can learn how to properly handle the dog and learn how to fit training into daily routines. In home training allows the instructor to see what is happening in the home and more effectively correct the problem.

In store Obedience Classes:

We offer 3 levels of training, small class sizes (no more than 6 students), in a relaxed atmosphere. This is not a “cookie cutter” program. We work with you to find the method that works best for you and your dog.

All breeds, sizes and ages welcome.

DURATION: 8 weeks

COST: $90 + tax

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