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By: Sightcraft Design  09-12-2011
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We listen, we learn, we are patient, and we stand by our work & our clients.

A week, a month or a year down the road we will support any of the services we provide:

Visual Branding

Next to location, how a business portraits itself is one of the most important factors in attracting clients and making an impression that will be memorable enough to keep them coming back for more. And as has been proven over time, just as the business itself must grow, so too must its distinct appearance to meet with the times & appeal to new generations of clientelle & changes in the media around it.

Think of getting prepared for an interview: You take the time to evaluate key points about your appearance, such as the attire you will wear, how your hair looks, the attitude you want to express, an idea of how you will articulate your responses to their questions and even what you might give as answers. It is an intricate, detailed process that we sometimes take for granted, even though we sometimes pay close attention to parts of this process.

We believe that evaluating this process, and helping you review these details can be a very powerful tool in not only determining a modern appearance for your business, but also will give you insight into your business itself so that you might come upon fine details you would otherwise miss that could help you even further refine your offerings & processes. Your business is more than just a brand, it is a living entity that wants to learn and grow.

Web Development

Ever evolving, the technology behind web sites allow people to do some amazing things, but at the core, one of the greatest strengths of a website is the ability to let a business or person sell themselves, no matter where in the world they are.

Whether acting as a simple online business card or portfolio, a full-fledged E-Commerce site, or something more complex & unique, we would love to hear your ideas & work side-by-side with you to reach your goals. We have the tools, the knowledge & experience to help you make a true impact.

Content Management

With the steadily growing trend towards social networking and shopping online, comes a growing need for businesses & individuals alike to be able to manage the content of their online offerings. A very powerful feature of this service is also the ability to track as little or as much of the content traffic through your online presence. Whether something as small as keeping a record of inquiries submitted to you through online forms, or complex such as tracking your company sales, revenue, expenses & more, we see this "behind-the-scenes" feature being an invaluable resource & capability. We think you will agree.

Content Management opens up a whole world of possibilities for you and your viewership. You can introduce member features, commenting, surveys & voting, photo upload and so much more. Interactivity is key in this modern age of the online world.

Graphic & Print Design

An essential part of your business is its unique appearance. The right visual design can make all the difference to how your viewers & clients perceive you, how memorable you are, and their willingness to come back again & again.

Something as small as your business card can make quite the impact on a first impression by presenting an image that will make your potential client say "Wow!" and want to show off your card (and thus, your name) to others, rather than just pocket & forget it. The right visual graphics can complement the content & abilities of your website to express a bold, respectable impression that will have them coming back for more. And the right poster design or magazine cover can make all the difference in having people stop to look, rather than just walk on by. And with the right logo, for you, placed strategically will make sure your market is sure to recognize you.

Database Design

Integral to the abilities that make Content Management possible, is having a properly designed database running in the background to store the information. A database that is designed with a fine attention to detail and properly refined to the specific needs of the application can prove highly efficient and effective and limit the chances of lost or missing data.

Databases are used in everyday business, in the form of accounting records, inventory logs and much more, and with this in mind we take pride and a strong sense of seriousness in the importance of this often overlooked attribute of a powerful website.


In the world of business, a picture can easily be worth well more than a thousand words, or it may just complement those thousand words. Photos can and do make all the difference in the impact of advertising your products & services and portraying yourself to the world, and this is something we all know. We believe we can help bring your visions to life, and that we have the eye you need to help craft your ideas.

Please note: Alas, this service is presently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvienence.

Video Production

Please note: Alas, this service is presently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvienence.

Keywords: Web Development

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