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By: Microage Truro  09-12-2011

IT Security can be defined as all aspects of safeguarding or protecting information or data.  In other words, preventing unwanted parties from accessing your information, whether it be personal or business.

Hackers utilize software to scan the Internet for vulnerabilities on systems.  If your system is compromised, it could be used for one or more of the following:

  • Illegally distributing items such as software, music  and movies

  • Launching attacks against other computers or networks

  • Logging your key strokes to gather information resulting in identity theft

  • Remotely control your system, taking away your control

  • Many other illegal processes

The best way to ensure that your chances of being hacked are minimal, is to follow 8 simple rules:

(1) Use antivirus software

(2) Keep security patches updated

(3) Do not use simple passwords

(5) Disable all unnecessary services

(6) Only download and install software from reputable vendors

(7) Get a firewall

(8) Never assume it cannot happen to you

If you think your system or network may be vulnerable to attack or hacking, contact us today for an analysis to help prevent it.

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