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Please note that we can usually bring in any item/brand requested. The following accessories are just those we usually keep in stock. Please call for availability and pricing.

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Chlorinator / Brominator (Chemical Feeders)

Chlorinators are economical, efficient and easy to install on new or existing pools and spas. Chlorine feeders feature a dial for setting the rate of chlorine entering the pool or spa. The easy-lok cover provides easy access for adding tabs/sticks and dependable sealing.

Chlorine/Bromine feeders not only saves time, but also reduces the handling of chemicals.


  • Uses small, slow dissolving tabs
  • Adjustable rate of feed or distribution
  • Easy lock threaded cover 4 easy access
  • Simple installation
  • Durable
  • Unique finger release catch provides extra security
  • Offline not directly connected with filter, heater
  • In line directly connected ex: pump, filter, heater and chlorinator

Hayward CL 200-220: These chemical feeders can hold up to 9 lbs and last to 3 weeks. They can use either large or small slow dissolving tabs or sticks.

Hayward CL 100-110: They have a capacity of 4.2 lbs and feature a dial for the speed/rate of chlorine that is feed to the pool. The unit also allows you to place it in-line or off-line, which ever suits your needs better.

In-Line: Is when the water travels through the pump to the filter, through the heater and then to the chlorinator. All these units are in line, one after the other.

Off-Line: When the unit is off line the water bypasses certain systems like the filter and heater to run through the chlorinator. This could be because there wasn’t enough pressure for the chlorinator after the filter.

Floating Chlorinators

Can be used in swimming pools as well as hot tubs.


  • Small (holds up to three, 3 inch tabs)
  • Large (holds up to 6, 3 inch tabs)
  • Float
  • Usually used for aboveground pools

Always use the same type of chlorine in your chlorinator.

Kreepy Krauly (Inground, Pentair)


  • Automatic suction vacuum
  • Wide mouth intake and modified flapper picks up larger debris
  • Regulator valve automatically adjusts the water flow to control cleaners speed
  • (Balances h20 flow between the skimmer and k.krauly)
  • Designed to work in a wide variety of swimming pools
  • #1 choice of dealers and pool owners
  • Installs in minutes
  • Convenient
  • Replacement parts widely available

EZ Vac (Aboveground, Pentair)


  • Designed with the same durability and reliability as the k.krauly
  • #1 choice of dealers and owners
  • Vacuums dirt just like a hand vacuum but without your assistance
  • Works well with banked or radius cove
  • Installs in minutes
  • Convenient
  • Replacement parts widely available

Aqua Bug, Diver Dave, Wanda the Whale (Aboveground, Hayward)


  • Cleans in a random pattern
  • Various head plates
  • Automatic
  • Easy installation
  • Hose length of 32 ft which cleans 24ft pools and smaller (comes with)
  • Exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering system

Hayward Viper, Navigator and Phantom also available.

Not all models or available vacuums shown. Please call for availability and pricing.

What to think about before purchasing a heater:

  • What temperature would you like the pool and what part of the season?
  • Where will you put the heater?
  • Do you use your solar blanket?
  • Do you get a lot of wind, or exposed to the elements?
  • Do you want heat now? Or can you wait?
  • Are you looking for an economical heater?

Titan Heat Pump

Please feel free to look at our 2005 Newsletter as it has an extensive article on Titan Heat pumps.

Heat pumps are one of the most economical heaters available on the market. Working opposite of an air conditioner, it removes the heat from the air where its raining or nice and sunny and transfers it to your water. These heaters are excellent for maintaining a good heat throughout the season but not with cold nights. You will probably not get a high temperature early spring or late fall if the nights are cold. Also may not work well when exposed to wind or elements.


  • Extremely high efficiency operation
  • Durable weather proof cabinet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long life expectancy
  • Great performance in cold weather
  • Constructed with high quality, advanced material available
  • Titan heaters use “smart” technologies to insure high energy savings
  • Two series: CP series (cupro-nickel) and Ti series (titanium)
  • 5 year warranty on the CP series and 10 years on the Ti series
  • Ti withstands longer to chemical corrosion
  • Collects heat in any weather conditions
  • Big up front cost but pays for it’s self quickly
  • Uses minimal power while delivering high performance operation
  • Efficiency measured by Coefficients of Performance (COP) the higher the
  • number the more effeicent the heat pump
  • Ti series has a COP of a least six

Energy Savings

Electrical resistance UP TO 80%
Propane Gas UP TO 75%
Fuel oil UP TO 70%
Natural gas UP TO 55%

Enersol (Solar)

Solar panels are also very economical with a low upfront cost. They are best used when placed close to the water and in direct sunlight (roof). The only disadvantage of solar panels is that it relies on the sun.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be left out throughout winter
  • Will not crack, rust, rot, chip or corrode
  • Can be installed on roof, angled plywood etc.
  • Easy assembly, add, alter and repair
  • Doesn’t affect roof
  • Little or no repair service
  • Resistant to u-v rays, chemicals, ozone and heat/cold
  • Durable and flexible
  • 30 year life expectancy
  • No monthly heating bills
  • 15 year warranty


Propane heaters are midrange in price but in the long run are very costly due to propane usage. The great thing about propane is that it can be used in windy locations and the heat is available when you want it.


  • Efficiencies ranging from 70 to 90 %
  • Five year service life
  • Propane pool heaters burn gas in a combustion chamber, then the heat is
  • transferred to the pool
  • They easily maintain ant temp no matter the weather
  • Can be installed above or underground
  • Portable fuel, modern convince
  • Burning propane for fuel is friendlier to the environment than other fossil fuels
  • and causes less greenhouse emissions
  • Propane is a highly concentrated energy source
  • Has extremely low sulphur content
  • When propane is burned it produces harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide
  • two things the natural environment uses and produces daily
  • Propane appliances are more durable than their electrical counterparts

Solar Blankets


  • Keeps in heat- especially important at night
  • Keeps debris out of pool when not in use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install on any roller

Safety Covers

(Deck-Lock, Yard Guard)


  • Peace of mind
  • Premium quality
  • Custom made to fit any shape or size
  • Reduces spring clean up costs
  • Light weight material allows for easy installation and removal
  • Stainless steel springs and brass hardware prevents corrosion
  • Designed by a state of the art cad system
  • Use year round

Enviro - Mesh Winter Cover



  • Allows water to pass through blanket yet keeps debris out of pool.
  • Lessens water load on top of cover
  • Easy installation
  • Removes standing water
  • Cover is black with streaks of silver

Winter Cover

(Yard Guard, Cantar)


  • Reduce spring cleanup
  • Easy installation/removal
  • Water bag loops and tie down loops on ingrounds
  • Coated cable and metal winch on abovegrounds
  • Available blue/black or silver/black
  • Woven poly cover

Leaf Cover


  • Use with or without winter cover
  • Catch debris/leaves making spring cleanup a breeze
  • Stretchy material to hold debris

Automatic Covers


  • Simple and easy
  • Single person operation
  • Peace of mind
  • No unsightly tracks or trip hazards
  • Easy installation
  • Storage place in it’s self

We carry Cartridge, Sand and D.E. Filters. The following is our in-stock items.


(Hayward) (Super)


  • Self priming
  • Service ease design gives simple access to all internal parts
  • Corrosion proof, durable and long life expectancy
  • Heavy duty, high performance motor
  • Available in ½ hp to 2 ½ hp (single speed to dual speed)
  • Dual speed-2 settings of speed (second speed is the lower speed)
  • Low speed saves up to 75% energy savings during normal operation

(Jacuzzi) (LRC-aboveground)


  • Splash proof motor cover
  • ½ to1 ½ hp
  • Heat sink allows for run dry protection
  • Ring lock cover provides sealing and tool free removal
  • Optional 24/7 timer

Sand Filters

(Jacuzzi) (Laser - Aboveground)


  • Can be used for Above Ground or In Ground Pools
  • One piece thermoplastic tank
  • Is precision molded with ultraviolet and corrosion resistant materials
  • Long service life
  • Uni-flo under drain system, complete with self-cleaning laterals, allows more efficient backwashing and high capacity filter cycles.
  • Integral bottom mounted drain assures quick draining of the tank for service or winter shutdown.
  • Heavy-duty skirt for sturdy support of the filter tank.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • 7 position thermoplastic dial valve includes pressure gauge and built-in automatic air relief. The 7-position valve features, Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Whirlpool, Drain, Test and Winterize
  • Built-in sight glass on the 7-position valve waste port provides a convenient view of backwash water.
  • Patented diverter system provides uniform flow through the sand bed in filter cycle and also reduces potential for channeling.

(Hayward Pro Series)


  • Flange clamp design allows valve to rotate 360 degrees to simplify plumbing
  • Large pressure sand/ water drain for rapid winterizing or service
  • Umbrella fold self cleaning laterals for balanced flow and backwashing
  • 7 position vari-flo control valve
  • Corrosion proof tank, molded of rugged, colorfast polymeric
  • Internal top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over top of the sand media bed

More brands and types available. Please call for availability and pricing.

The use of a roller is the best way to prolong the life of your blanket. Not only will it keep longer it is also easier to remove. There are many rollers available to suit any pool and deck.

Rocky Roller

Available for both residential and commercial use, these heavy duty rollers can handle any size blanket.

  • Strong Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Baked Enamel Finish Enhances Any Pool
  • Easy To Use, In Most Cases By One Person
  • Quality Castors For Ease of Portability
  • Positive Anchoring System
  • Light Weight Yet Extremely Strong
  • Not Effected By Sunlight Or Freezing Cold
  • Quality Hardware


Resin Rollers - inexpensive, for use on inground and aboveground pools.




  • Fiberglass/Acrylic steps
  • Colors-white, grey granite stone and blue granite stone
  • Shapes-regular, straight, curved or cantilever
  • Two tired seating
  • Hydrotherapy jets


3 Step Econo Ladder (with Plastic Tread)


  • Durable long lasting .049” wall stainless steel construction
  • Available in 3 step only
  • Ultra protect sealant adds protection from surface rust

7100 Evolution (A Frame Ladder)


  • Each side adjusts independently
  • Snap lock treads for easy assembly
  • 5 treads on each side
  • Swing up outer treads for safety
  • Outer treads can be pad-locked
  • Strong sturdy design
  • Large top platform
  • Minimal hardware
  • No sand or bricks required
  • Colors-grey or white




  • Comfortable
  • Durable-molded in one piece
  • Practical-round shape
  • Safe
  • Wastes little space
  • Resistant molded resin-plastic
  • Non-stick finish



  • Fiberglass
  • Durable acrylic surface
  • Aluminum treads and ladder flanges

Salt Generators

Please feel free to look at our 2005 Newsletter as it has an extensive article on Salt Generators.

The Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generator is our feature salt generator. Since starting to sell them in 2005 we have heard nothing but praise and thanks for this product.

Salt generators are a relatively new and less expensive way to sanitize your pool, although the method of sanitizing with salt is very old. These units use salt to disinfect your pool by converting it into chlorine. This allows you, the Owner to spend less time worrying about maintenance and chlorine handling and storage. The need to shock (super chlorinate) the pool will also decrease to a couple times during the season.

The generator system works by the salt water entering the electronic cell, then breaking it down into chlorine which is released into the pool. After the chlorine is used up it converts back into salt and repeats the process all over again. The salt generator has proven to be a great way to disinfect your pool, with less hassle.

This system is very independent with its self cleaning capability by using reverse polarization on the blades inside the cell. Salt generators are equipped with automatic features including a dial for your desired chlorine level, super chlorination modes, digital display of salt levels and diagnostic info.

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