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By: Family Health And Wellness  09-12-2011

Wedding Favors « Balmoral Farms

Tips For Beautiful Bridal Hair

Brides Hair

1. Be yourself

Choose a hairstyle that makes you feel yourself. Brides are often pressured into hair styles because of “tradition”. If a particular style makes you feel uncomfortable, choose something else. Try not to be influenced by your hairdresser, best friend or family, wear your hair the way you feel the most comfortable.

Right before your wedding day is not the time to make any drastic changes. Your wedding day is not the time to change the color of your hair or try out a new style.

2. Develop a clear idea of how you want to look.

Before going to the hairdresser, try to develop a good idea of what type of hairstyle you would like. Bring pictures of your favorite hairstyles from magazines. Try to describe the feeling you are trying to achieve – romantic, windswept, casual, formal, etc. If you can’t find any pictures, be prepared to describe exactly what you want.

3. Do a practice run

Schedule a “practice run” with your stylist before your wedding day. Bring your veil and headpiece so that you can get the over all look and bring a picture of your dress. If the hairstyle that you envisioned does not look as good on you as you had hoped, you’ll be glad you found that out before the big day!

4. Take pictures

At the “practice run” bring a digital camera to take pictures. Include pictures from the back and other angles. Use these photos to give you a better idea how the hairstyle style will look to your guests.

5. Is the style comfortable?

Walk around with the hairstyle and veil on for several hours to make sure it’s comfortable. If something is pinching or feels wrong, be sure to tell your stylist on the big day.

6. Will this hairstyle hold up?

Make sure the hairstyle you have chosen does not completely fall apart with in several hours. Move around and see if the hair stays put.

7. Coordinate your hairstyle with your dress

Your hair style should compliment your wedding gown. Classic wedding dress styles look best with classic hairstyles. Casual wedding dresses look great with simpler styles.

8. Plan ahead

Any coloring or chemical treatments should be done 2 weeks before the wedding day.

9. Beware of the high hair

Many of the classic up-dos will make you look taller. Depending on your height, it can work for you or against you.

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Bridal Favors « Balmoral Farms

The number one goal in the planning process was to entertain our guests, make sure that everyone is having fun, and that they remember our wedding as one of the greatest parties they have gone to. By going with an unconventional theme, we gave ourselves a great basis for thinking outside the box. HELP YOUR GUESTS GET IN THE GROOVE.