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By: A&b Geosynthetics  09-12-2011

What is EnduraGrid?           

EnduraGrid is a range of Geosynthetic products in the form of mesh or grid. The purpose of EnduraGrid is to reinforce or add strength to soil for applications including the strengthening of reinforced walls, pavements and highways, construction of earth walls, reinforcing embankments of earth dams, ponds, landfills, landslide repair, and railway track reinforcement. The ribbed construction of EnduraGrid is designed to significantly increase the structural integrity of soils.



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How EnduraGrid Geogrids are made                            

EnduraGrid PP Geogrids are manufactured by stretching high quality punched sheets of engineering grade polymer under closely controlled conditions. The structures of optimized nodes and ribs this gives has significant effects upon the load in soils. The strong interlocking action betweens the even ribs and the mating material applies confinement to the lateral displacement of soil. With loading applied, the soil particles settle and evenly distribute in the mesh squares, which forms a tough platform spreading load evenly.

Generally a polymer material has molecular chains distributed randomly with similar properties in all directions. In special circumstances, molecular orientation occurs by stretching the polymer. This vastly increase the tensile strength in the orientation direction, which is the principle manufacturing geogrids.

This orientation provides the following benefits to EnduraGrid geogrid:

Polymer strength is increased and forms mesh structures with nodes as well. The control of orientation in the nodes has a significant effect on the mechanical properties and creep performance of a geogrid. EnduraGrid geogrids have this feature optimized.

The orientation confines the inter displacement of the polymer molecular chains, resulting in great improvement in tensile modulus.

Orientation reduces strain greatly under long term constant loading. This is essential to dimensional stability in construction.

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By establishing a composite platform from the fill materials and the interaction of EnduraGrid geogrid,the load-spread angle can be increased to approximately 45°This makes load dispersal more effective and reduces the foundation height and construction cost. The shearing resistance of soft soil foundations reinforced by EnduraGrid geogrid either alone or together with conventional measures is a great improvement.