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By: Sand Dollar Bookkeeping  09-12-2011
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Sand Dollar Bookkeeping is now offering pickup and delivery from Bridgewater to the Halifax Regional Municipality and all points in between! Simply fill one of our zippered pouches with your loose receipts, files and folders: we’ll whisk this mess away and return with a meticulously organized and prepared report!

Customers who are located outside of the pickup area are invited to a zippered pouch by post. For faster turnaround, consider our email system: simply scan all of your receipts and files and send them to us by email or through , a free online file-transfer service!

Business Income Tax Preparation - ready for your accountant!

Harmonized Sales Tax

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) report preparation can be harrowing: let us take this stress away! We’ll prepare your HST report according to your schedule: annually, biannually or quarterly.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Are you running low on time? Free up hours in every week by allowing us to organize and maintain your accounts receivable and accounts payable! We’ll create detailed billing and payment reports and follow up with your customers. Reports will be presented clearly and concisely; total and sectional inflow and outflow charts can be created on demand as visual references for your strategic and tactical accounting meetings.


Save time and money by allowing us to provide payroll services for your business! Adhering to current federal and provincial payroll legislation, we ensure that all appropriate deductions are made from each individual paycheque. Accurate records are maintained and presented in an easily understandable format; as with accounts receivable and accounts payable (above), total and sectional inflow and outflow charts can be created on demand as visual references for your convenience.

Creation of Reports and Remittances

Has Revenue Canada asked you for a remittance? Has your accountant asked for a summary report? Let us create these for you, saving you both time and money! As with all of our services, simply collect your loose receipts, files and folders into one of our zippered pouches: we’ll take care of the rest!

Spreadsheet Creation and Upkeep

Let us help you to gain control over your business finances on a long-term basis by creating and maintaining easily understandable spreadsheets. These powerful tools will provide you with an accurate, up-to-date illustration of your financial position.

QuickBooks and Simply Accounting Records

Learning to use new software can be daunting. Let our experts create your QuickBooks or Simply Accounting records so that you have a platform on which to build your own experience; or, let us maintain your records for you!

Banking and Credit Card Payments

Why stand in line at the bank? Let our bookkeepers organize and process your credit card payments and all other banking needs through online banking.

Income Statements and Balance Sheets

Every year, Revenue Canada audits hundreds of small businesses. Let us prepare your income statements and balance sheets on a regular schedule… or let us help you to catch up on the last few years!

Keywords: Business Income Tax, Payroll