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By: Macleod And Grant  09-12-2011
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Introducing the Invictus. Experience thermal efficiencies up to 149% with Fulton’s new gas-fired absorption heat pump. The Invictus is a gas absorption heat pump designed for commercial hydronic heating and cooling applications. Incorporating Invictus units into a system with hydronic boilers yields the ultimate heating performance for the most demanding of climates. Capturing free energy [..]

iCOMM is an Interactive Remote Monitoring Service by A. O. Smith. It’s the latest technology in commercial water heating that allows you to interact with, proactively manage, and monitor your A. O. Smith water heaters or boilers from anywhere in the world via the Internet. iCOMM Allows You To: Access current and historical water heater [..]

Aermec AN packaged heat pumps and chillers are complete packaged units available as a chiller only, or as heat pump/chiller unit. Each unit comes complete with an integrated circulator, expansion tank, mechanical filter and storage tank to simplify installation. The unites are available in 4 capacities: AN 0417 – 3 ton cooling / 40,260 BTU/hr [..]

Advancements in the Pulse boiler’s design have been made which virtually eliminate any sound and vibration associated with the Pulse process. Mass barriers have been placed in key areas of the boiler resulting in overall sound reductions of nearly 75%. The Pulse combustion method of burning fuel coupled with the Pulse boiler’s condensing design provides [..]

A.O. Smith Cyclone Xi Gas Water Heaters are fully condensing units capable of operating up to 96% efficiency to dramatically lower operating costs. Cyclone models range from 50-gallon / 76,000 BTU to 130-gallon / 500,000 BTU and use the patented Dynamix Cyclonic Burner™ to offer precise air/fuel mixing at point of ignition. All units are [..]

Modine is pleased to introduce the Effinity93 (model PTC), the most efficient gas-fired unit heater in North America. With six models available – from 135,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr – all operating at 93% efficiency, the Effinity93 will dramatically lower energy costs through decreased gas/propane consumption. For those looking to feel even more green, each unit [..]

Johnson invented, patented and trademarked the Johnson Air Rotation® System-and are experts at its application. The system heats, cools and ventilates large, open buildings such as manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities. The Johnson Air Rotation® System is simply the best way to condition large, open buildings because: The first cost is competitive with roof-top air [..]

The S-Power company  is also the founder of the NARVA high performance vacuum tube. The only high performance vacuum tube “Made in Germany” with a glass-metal connection and nano-coating, specifically developed for the S-Power collector. With radiation of 1000 – 1200 kWh per m² per year, the S-Power vacuum tube collectors can achieve savings in heating oil [..]

Why wait for hot summer days to do booming patio business. With patioSchwank radiant heaters, your patio will be the first to open in the spring – the last to close in the fall – and all season long your tables can be full ‘til last call. patioSchwank radiant heaters multiply the number of days [..]

The next evolution in Weil-McLain boilers Incorporating the very latest in commercial heating technology, the Cobalt Boiler System and the 88c and 80c boilers are the result of years of successful customized product implementation. Utilizing the proven design of the Weil-McLain Model 80, the new Model 80c boiler has been repackaged and improved to deliver [..]

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Takagi is a Japanese brand that has been in the tankless water heater business since 1952 and is the first tankless water heater company specializing in tankless-only products. A broad range of standard and custom products includes liquid filters, strainers, separators, pressure vessels, and engineered products and systems.


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The Smith’s Environmental High Efficiency Handbook is guide for using some of their most popular products – Heating Edge HE2 radiation and Quiet-One 2000 Series heaters – in low water temperature applications. Typically we select equipment like pumps, boilers and chillers for a single design day, but in reality HVAC is a part load industry and that design day could be oversized by as much as 20%.


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The KNIGHT, engineered with Lochinvar’s exclusive SMART SYSTEM control and an array of other innovative features, places it far ahead of any residential or commercial heating boiler in its class. The new electric commercial heat pump water heater works great in applications where the need for hot water and space cooling occurs simultaneously.



A.O. Smith manufactures commercial air-to-water indoor heat pump domestic water heaters, capable of reclaiming waste heat inside a building and producing ultra high efficiency domestic hot water and free cooled air. Lochinvar is an innovation leader in commercial and residential gas fired and electric boilers, including high efficiency stainless steel condensing boilers and non-condensing copper boilers.


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Waste Oil Heater/Furnace – OMNI OWH-150 120,000 BTU/hr 115V Two OMNI OWH-150 waste oil heaters (price is per pump). Original manufacturers warranty is now expired on these items. Excellent for garages, barns, repair shops or car dealers. Heaters are new and in original crating.