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By: Miller Concepts  09-12-2011
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We, at Miller Concepts are unwavering in our commitment to you, our clients and your needs. Our mission statement more than exemplifies this value:

"To exceed our clients' needs by providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price."

Please feel free to scan the questions frequently asked by our customers and visitors. They have been divided into the following categories:

What are your product categories?

Animal Children Florals Garden Miscellaneous Music
Christmas Seascapes Landscapes Renoir Other Masters

Our products are backed by a No Risk, unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling). Full customer satisfaction is guaranteed with no questions asked. Furthermore, each product is guaranteed against any defect in workmanship.

Reasons why our products are simply the best!

These are just a few of the reasons:

Why do you say your product is versatile?

Our unique process allows us to personalize any of our products to suit many needs.

An artist can expand his range of products to include having his work reproduced unto the switch plate, license plate, coasters and hot plates or mousepads, fridge magnets.

Or a gift shop can include a switch plate or coasters in their gift basket, with their company logo discreetly printed on one corner of the design, plus many more innovative ideas.

Organizations, institutions and associations can take advantage of our products for their fund raising activities and providing their members quality memorabilia.

Companies and corporations use our different products for branding purposes, as well as promotional gift items.

The versatility of our products makes our switch plates and license plates, as well as coasters and mousepads great as advertising giveaways or promotional ideas. They also make great special event favors, like weddings, baby showers, etc. And always, they make great Christmas gifts.

How are all your products made?

All our products are made by hand, individually, one at a time. Each type of product uses varying procedures for applying the designs. Making each of our product is labor intensive, more so for the coasters, license plates and magnets.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • The LARGEST selection of decorative switch plates on different sizes and configuration on the internet.
  • Great home decor and gift ideas like Christmas Stocking stuffers!
  • Our switch plates are durable, flexible and have fire retardant properties and are suitable for use in any room indoors.
  • Our process applies the design over the entire surface, including the beveled edges of the switch plates.

How are your switch plates made?

Extreme care is employed to make each and every one of our switch plate as each design is manually applied. This part of our process makes each one unique and slightly different from the others.

Our process applies images and designs by decoupage on the switch plates. This makes the switchplates easy to clean and suitable for use in any indoor room.

Last but not least, the switch plates we use are high quality Leviton switch plates, said to be virtually unbreakable with fire retardant properties. They are also more flexible/pliable and will conform to wall deformities better than the brittle and breakable regular switch plates. These are switch plates used in most schools and hospitals.

Our switchplates designs can be ordered in regular (toggle) models from single to quad size, single decora (rocker), as well as single and double outlets (receptacles/plugs) and the combinations plates consisting of toggle switches and outlets. Not all designs are available in all types/sizes however.

We use standard size Leviton switch plates. The standard size is 2.75" x 4.50" for single switch plates and 4.50" x 4.50" for doubles (2-gang), 6.25" x 4.50" for triples (3-gang), and 8" x 4.50" for quads (or 4-gang).

Our line of Vanity License Plates are made of non-rusting, heavy gauge .025" aluminum; they have brilliant colours and won't ever rust.

Our process reproduces the designs on the license plates in full vibrant colors, producing photo quality images.

They are not good only for the front of your car, but they also make nice room decor. They certainly make for unique gifts for all occasions.

Some salient points are as follows:
  • Each of our ceramic coasters have full cork backing to prevent slipping.
  • Our coasters come in sets of 4.
  • The ceramic coasters come with a white gift box.
  • Just wipe with moist cloth to clean whenever necessary.
  • The coasters are approximately 4."x 4".

Fridge magnets are a unique giveaway, mementos for clubs, every day gifts and even wedding favors. Also great for company branding and marketing campaigns.

Our inexpensive ceramic fridge magnets are 2" x 2" with have full car magnet material backing.

Our paw print magnets measure 5.5" x 5.5" while the dog bone magnets are 7" x 2.25".

The mousepads we use are made of fine mesh cloth with soft rubber backing. There is an added high visual impact value to the designs because the colors are so rich.

Each mousepad is approximately 9.0" x 8.0" in size and about 1/8" thick. There might be some slight variations to the actual size and the shape of the rounded corners, as this depends mostly on the material our suppliers provide us.

Our shipping rate is the sum of the base rate plus the total shipping rate according to the item and quantity ordered.

Canada Shipping Rates are as follows:

base rate plus shipping rate per item item
$2.00 $0.50 per switch plate switch plate of any size
$2.00 per mousepad mousepad
$9.00 per set of ceramic coasters set of 4 coasters with gift box
$1.50 per license plate license plate
$0.50 per magnet fridge magnet, paw print, or dog bone

US Shipping Rates are as follows:

base rate plus shipping rate per item item
$5.00 $0.50 per switch plate switch plate of any size
$2.00 per mousepad mousepad
$9.00 per set of ceramic coasters set of 4 coasters with gift box
$1.50 per license plate license plate
$0.50 per magnet fridge magnet, paw print, or dog bone

International Shipping Rates are as follows:

base rate plus shipping rate per item item
$7.60 $0.80 per switch plate switch plate of any size
$3.20 per mousepad mousepad
$14.40 per set of ceramic coasters set of 4 coasters with gift box
$2.40 per license plate license plate
$0.80 per magnet fridge magnet, paw print, or dog bone

Why is the shipping cost per set of coasters and trivets are higher than the other products??

Because the Ceramic Coasters and Trivets are heavy and they require special packaging materials to minimize breakage. The Post Office nor any couriers will cover breakage. Both factors add considerably to the overall cost of shipment.

What is the means by which you ship our orders?

All orders are shipped by surface mail unless a faster service at comparable rate is available.

How long does it take for you to ship my order?

We usually ship within 24-72 hours after receiving your order, except over the weekend and holidays where you add the corresponding number of days to delivery time. Larger orders may take more time.

How long does it take for our orders to get to us?

Excluding the Christmas season where all shipments are liable to be a few days late, our experience is, shipment within North America takes anywhere from 10-15 business days (count Monday through Friday only, exclude holidays as well).

On rare occasions, delivery has been known to be delayed as much as 30 days.

For your reference, shipment to Asia can take anywhere from 1 month to 9 months, depending on the destination country's local mail delivery system.

In general, shipment to international destinations takes about 4-6 weeks. After which, the distribution to the local mail centers becomes the factor as to when you get your order. Total time for expected delivery is 6-8 weeks.

The post office advises that it may take as long as 75 days from date of shipment for packages to get delivered.

Please place your order before the dates listed below (so we will have the chance to make up your order). The Holiday Shipping Schedules for 2010 are as follows:

Destination/Order Before Datesfor all products except ceramicsfor all ceramic products
AfricaNov 22
AsiaNov 29
AustraliaNov 29
CaribbeanDec 1
Central/South AmericaNov 29
EuropeNov 29
Middle EastNov 29
New ZealandNov 29
USADec 13Dec 8
CanadaDec 16Dec 11

Please note that these are not guaranteed delivery times. Allow for delays due to weather and shipment volumes.

A large percentage of our total business is wholesale.

We welcome interested resellers and will be glad to be your partner for a successful business venture.

We also do custom wholesale orders specific to your needs. For example, we reproduce artwork and photographs of artists and photographers on our products with small run requirements and at reasonable prices. We provide the same service for companies who use our products for reselling and for promotional giveaways.

For orders shipped outside of Canada, there is NO sales tax.

However, items shipped within Canada are charged GST or HST, as follows:

Provinces/TerritoriesGST or HST charged
Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, Saskatchewan 5 %
British Columbia 12 %
New Brunswick , Newfoundland, Ontario 13%
Nova Scotia 15%
Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon Territory0%
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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