By: Merryweather Bath & Candle  09-12-2011
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Coconut Cream
Wonderful, thick lather and a light, natural white chocolate scent.
This hard, long-lasting bar contains only coconut oil and cocoa butter.
Because this soap has no added scent or color,
it is ideal for those who have scent sensitivities.

$3.95 ea (approx.3 oz)

  Power Punch
Olive Oil Soap
Beneficial olive oil in a VERY hard bar.
Also contains kelp, which is packed with vitamins
and minerals.  Lightly scented with sandlawood.

$4.95 ea (approx. 3 oz)

That 60's Soap
A fantastic bar of soap!  Hemp oil combined with other
beneficial oils makes this soap almost sinful!
A combination of patchouli and yang essential oils
gives it a musky, seductive scent that's a hit with
both men and women.

$4.95 ea (approx. 3 oz)

Coming soon!

Essentially Soap!  These soap will be made using all
vegetable products and essential oils.

All products sold by weight*
Prices are in Canadian funds

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Keywords: Bar, Cocoa Butter, Oil, Scent, Soap

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