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By: Sichbo  09-12-2011

There are a very limited quantity of hand made PC spectrum analyzer units available for order.

This project is made possible by Fred's awesome BLSA project.

BLSA units are supported in SichboPVR on the Finder "Spectrum Analyzer" tab. The analysis runs over your Serial, which means that you will need a Serial port in your desktop PC in order to use this.

This device is for use for Spectrum readings only. It will not work as a regular TV tuner, however it can control polarity when you have the Broadlogic 2030 WDM driver installed.

Here's a picture of it in action:


Package Price
Assembled BLSA w/ BL2030 $95 + S&H
Assembled BLSA w/out BL2030 $80 + S&H
Unassembled* BLSA w/ BL2030 $85 + S&H
Unassembled* BLSA w/out BL2030 $70 + S&H

*Add $5 if you need me to program the PIC16C773 for you.

Also subtract $5 is you're a SichboPVR donor.

All editions include a free SichboPVR serial which unlocks BLSA and Recording Features. (The Windows BLSA app is available upon request from Fred.)

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011