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By: Apelon  09-12-2011

Any organization using a vocabulary server or related terminology tool needs content.  Whether that content is SNOMED CT®, LOINC®, RxNorm, NDF-RT, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT®, UNII, or many of the other national and international terminology standards, the acquisition, formatting, loading and maintenance of these terminologies can be a major operational burden. To complicate matters even more, every terminology supplier has its own release schedule, its own distribution format, and its own distribution process. It’s no wonder that the use of standardized terminologies has been limited to only sophisticated IT organizations.

For over twenty years, Apelon has worked with nearly every one of these terminology suppliers to develop comprehensive content processes.  As part of our DTS and TermWorks product services, our content services group acquires, formats, and distributes over forty different national and international standards to clients around the world. These content experts are available to assist in the preparation and remodeling of client-proprietary data sets for use within DTS and TermWorks (as well as other terminology services tools) and in the design and development of data sets, subsets, etc. to meet specific customer needs.

With a single common data model for content, healthcare and biotech application developers can eliminate the cost and confusion of dealing with different terminology data structures. Application users, on the other hand, can more easily understand and apply the advantages of standardized, structured terminologies. The result is easier to use, more functional applications that cost less to build and maintain.

Some of the key features of our content distribution service include:

  • Standardized distribution format: easier loading and integration

  • Full or differential downloads: intelligent updating of new versions and identification of version conflicts

  • Subscription access to the specific required terminologies: you only get the terminologies you need

No other company than Apelon has the history, breadth of experience, processes and technology to deliver standardized terminology content to the market. Please give us a call to discuss your terminology needs.

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We continuously enhance our expertise through involvement in terminology research and development of “best practices,” collaborating with research agencies and academic centers such as the US Centers for Disease Control, Mayo Clinic, US National Cancer Institute, US National Library of Medicine, Ohio State University, and Stanford University.


Terminology Asset Management

The outcome of these activities will be creation of terminology content that is used within the terminology services application to meet the needs of data normalization, terminology content access and general terminology deployment.


Consulting Services

Planning – Apelon consultants are available to analyze your existing vocabulary environment, provide a comprehensive requirements assessment, and make focused recommendations on processes and applications to assure a successful return on your terminology investment.


Product Services

Whatever the source of the requirements, data standardization is a vital component of today’s healthcare computing environment, allowing clinical information to be effectively and consistently collected, compared, and analyzed. For organizations needing to create and evolve critical terminology assets, Apelon’s Modeling Services accelerate time to market, reduce maintenance costs, increase terminology quality, and improve business results.