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By: Atlantic Webfitters  09-12-2011

We are here to help you make the adaptation to the web; this not only involves your website, but your organization.  As you come to learn the powerful aspects of portal software, in particular the intranet portions, you will soon understand that your organization online has more potential than ever before.

Here are some of the steps we can take with you..

  • Step 1. Problem Definition
    What's going on in a company? The consultant meets with the principle decision makers and key executives to see what they feel their biggest challenges (problems) are, what they think their greatest opportunities are, what they think their greatest strengths and weaknesses are, and what they think needs to change to meet their challenges effectively and take advantage of their opportunities.
  • Step 2. Assessment of Goals
    What goals does the company want to reach? The consultant puts together the input from Step 1 and reaches a consensus about these goals with the principle decision makers.
  • Step 3. Available Approaches
    Consultations/actions are selected that are necessary to reach those goals, e.g. team building, strategic planning, business planning, financial planning, etc.?
  • Step 4. Strategic Planning of Consultation
    The order and sequence of different consultations/actions is established. Who is going to do what, when, and where is determined.
  • Step 5. Education and Involvement of Key Executives
    The consultant obtains a commitment to action from the main decision-makers.
  • Step 6. Education and Involvement of Relevant Staff
    The key executives and/or consultant obtains a commitment from the people who are going to do what is called for.
  • Step 7. Fine Tuning
    The consultant assists the company in adjusting and modifying approaches to fit the situation as it evolves.
  • Step 8. Does the Consultation Work?
    The consultant checks to see that the approach(es) is producing the desired results (i.e. moving the company towards agreed upon goal).
  • Step 9. Monitoring Mechanism
    The consultant determines a way to periodically measure and make changes to keep everything on course.
  • Step 10. Continuity
    The consultant assists the company to develop a program to keep the company continuing and following through with changes. There needs to be some kind of follow-up to ensure follow-through (turning changes into habits).
  • Step 11. Maintenance
    The consultant helps the company to develop a way to make changes part of corporate culture (turning changes into culture), so that the company is self-reliant.
  • Step 12. Disengagement
    The consultant helps the company to develop a way to know when the company is using changes on their own without the consultant's help. An early warning system is developed for a company to know when problems are arising, to nip them in the bud.

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A door, gate, or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a palace.2.


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