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By: Mersey Point Fish Products  09-12-2011
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Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd. produces a variety of Marinated, Salted, and Smoked products. Our products are 100% natural and are prepared without using preservatives or additives. Our Herring, Mackerel and Haddock are caught in the North Atlantic and our Salmon is raised in the Bay of Fundy. We buy all our fish from well-managed, registered companies and can trace the origin of our product from the moment it was caught to the time it reaches our plant, a HAACP-approved processing operation.

Our marinated products include Herring Tidbits, Herring in Wine Sauce, Bismarck Herring, Rollmops and the ever-popular Nova Scotian Solomon Gundy. The herring we use is Clupea Harengus, which is caught in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. All marinated products are made with natural preservatives. No chemical shelf life extenders are used. A shelf life of four months under refrigerated conditions is guaranteed. The marinated products come in both retail and food service packaging.

Our Matjes Herring is a lightly salted herring, extremely popular in Europe and gaining more popularity in North America.

Our smoked products include Atlantic Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, Haddock and Trout. All are smoked with natural wood and do not contain any added colours or preservatives. We sell our Cold Smoked Herring, known as Kipper Fillets, in bulk or whatever size clients request. Often the product is vacuum packed. Our Kipper Fillets and our Cold Smoked Haddock, known as Finnan Haddie, are also packaged in convenient Boil in the Bag packages, with a serving of real butter!

Keywords: Fish Products, Food Service, Mackerel, Salmon

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Mersey Point Fish Products :: Marinated Herring

During the 19th century this marinated herring product was named after Otto von Bismarck by Mr. Johann Wiechmann. Bismarck Herring Fillets of skin-on herring pickled in a marinate of vinegar, salt, sugar, onions and spices. Available in retail packaging of 250g jars and food service packaging of 3kg or 4.54kg. Served as a hors d’oeuvre or for lunch as is or as part of a salad.


Mersey Point Fish Products :: Salted Herring

A favourite in Europe where they have been enjoyed as a staple food for centuries, Matjes herring are gaining in popularity in our local market. A favourite snack food in the Netherlands that is rich in nutrients and packed with the health benefits of Omega 3. The number of herring in the bucket can vary and is always indicated on the bucket. Matjes herring, a young fat fish, is lightly salted and has a delicate taste.


Mersey Point Fish Products :: Smoked Fish

Our Cold Smoked Haddock, known as Finnan Haddie, is also packaged in convenient Boil in the Bag packages, with a serving of real butter, 156g serving. Cold Smoked Haddock A member of the cod family, but smaller in size, haddock has a very delicate flavour. The cold smoking process gives the fish a unique and delicious taste. Either bulk or vacuum packed.