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By: Naomi Irons  09-12-2011

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Massage Therapy Session

Spend 60 minutes in the great company of yourself! Shift your attention inside your own body and discover what is waiting to be found.

Relaxing into your breath, you may come to discover breath is the pump to create movement and flow through the device of your body. Letting go of tension as you get curious about your internal state is encouraged through silent reflection or conversations about your discoveries.

Each experience will be an invitation to relax into your discoveries about yourself! You may be amazed by yourSelf!

BSI-Body/Spirit Integration~Allowing the Body to Lead

We are not our bodies. Science now knows this. Our bodies are gateways for the powerful expression of Self to be in flow into our worlds.

We are not our minds. Our minds are designed to choose once the information moving in our bodies have been processed.

We are the energy in flow through the device of our body. When we shut down the information beaconing to be in flow in our bodies we limit our choices to the same ones we made yesterday. How do we evolve past what we know in this moment if we do not allow our bodies to present us with a different choice? Life becomes habituation.

Our lives reflect the presence and the absence of this energy (our Signal from Self). As we awaken to ourselves and reclaim the territory of our bodies we discover the incredible, immense safety to evolve and create deeply meaningful lives in a body that maintains it’s own inner wellness.

BSI is an integration at a cellular level that allows for the Signal from Self to come home.

CODE Model™ Coaching

Are you ready to see the bigger questions in your life? Are you ready to connect powerfully to your Authentic self by accessing the truth of your own experience held in the tissue of your body? Are you ready to trust the knowing in your body even if it means stepping into the unknown of your own life? Are you ready to awaken to your own potential as a Quantum Biological Human? Are you ready to experience acceleration on your journey to your authentic self?

If so, a CODE Modelsession could allow you to awaken to your authentic self to see your life differently and as a result, live your life differently. Not relying on willpower, strategy or technique the conversation will become an inquiry into the deeply wired culturally conditioned beliefs, values and attitudes that once were genius in helping you move through your world but have become an outdated and static way to view your own life now.

When was the last time you questioned ‘What is truly meaningful to me about being alive’?

Come and explore your life and discover the truth your body carries that could unlock potential you didn’t know about yourself.

If you are not in the area we can arrange a telephone or Skype CODE Model™ Coaching session.

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Although many women have become adept at facing into and managing the rage of others, to know that force from within – as an aspect of her own being – can be overwhelming, given the cultural myths that surround what it is.