Naomi Irons » Awakening Women

By: Naomi Irons  09-12-2011

Naomi Irons » Awakening Women

Power, Passion, Purpose~Edge of Potential
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There are times when it’s difficult for women to come to terms with the depth, immensity and intensity of emotion that runs through them… particularly if that emotion is rage!
It’s not nice for women to know rage, intimately. Although many women have become adept at facing into and managing the rage of others, to know that force from within – as an aspect of her own being – can be overwhelming, given the cultural myths that surround what it is …

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As we awaken to ourselves and reclaim the territory of our bodies we discover the incredible, immense safety to evolve and create deeply meaningful lives in a body that maintains it’s own inner wellness. Are you ready to connect powerfully to your Authentic self by accessing the truth of your own experience held in the tissue of your body. You may come to discover breath is the pump to create movement and flow through the device of your body.