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By: East Coast Diapers  09-12-2011
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If you are just getting started with Cloth Diapering, you may be trying to figure out what it is that you need. Here is a list of things that you will need or may like to purchase in order to make Cloth Diapering easy and a good experience.

Cloth Diapers - If washing every 2-3 days, 24 to 36 cloth diapers will be needed. This can be achieved by combining different types of diapers such as flat, prefold, pocket and fitted diapers. For example, you may want to purchase 12 , 12  and 6 . Covers - If you are using fitted diapers or prefolds, you will need 4-6 covers. are generally re-used a few times before being washed, unless they are soiled. Wipes - Cloth Wipes are great - just throw them in the wash with the diapers. You can purchase flannel wipes or use baby face cloths. You will need 36 to 45 wipesWipe container - A waterproof container to place wet cloth wipes inSpray Bottle - Make your own cleaning solution, spray a wipe at every diaper change.  or you can simply wet all the wipes you need for the day at the beginning of the day. Everyone does this differently, choose what works best for you. Dry Pail - A dry diaper pail is one where used cloth diapers are stored with no rinsing or standing water. Diapers are simply tossed in the pail and stay there until wash day. A trash can with a flip-top lid works well as a dry pail, as will any other larger plastic container with a lid. Wet Pails are not recommended as they can present a drowning hazard for your child. Diapers left in wet pails will also breakdown faster, and who wants to deal with "Poop Soup"!Dry Pail Liner - A water resistant bag lining the pail is a quick and easy way to get the diapers into the washer on laundry day. Turn the bag inside out and wash with the diapers.  2 are recommended, so that you have one to line your pail with while the other is being washed.  Going away for the weekend? Use one for clean diapers and one for soiled diapers.Things needed when going out with baby:

DiapersSmall plastic container to place wipes in - Pre-wet your wipes so that they are ready to goChanging PadSmall water resistant bag to store dirty diapers and wipesOther Useful Things:

Biodegradable liners - Great at home, or when going out - makes getting poop into the toilet easy. Diaper Sprayer - Great for getting poop off of soiled diapers before putting them in the dry pail and rinsing out potties.

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Cloth Diapers leaking: Trouble Shooting Guide

Cloth Diaper covers and pockets diapers are often made with some style of lamination applied to the exterior fabric's surface. I have heard of some mothers cutting up disposable diapers to fit 2 diapers on their baby for night time. Remember that leaking is a problem that can usually be resolved with a little bit of patience. This checklist will help troubleshoot common problems with the use of cloth diapers.


East Coast Diapers - Cloth Diapers and more in Nova Scotia, Canada! New Glasgow, Pictou, Nova Scotia

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