Cloth Diapers leaking: Trouble Shooting Guide

By: East Coast Diapers  09-12-2011
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Diapers Leaking? This checklist will help troubleshoot common problems with the use of cloth diapers.  Remember that leaking is a problem that can usually be resolved with a little bit of patience.  And don’t forget that disposable diapers also leak because of fit and over saturation. I have heard of some mothers cutting up disposable diapers to fit 2 diapers on their baby for night time. No diaper is perfect all of the time.

The 3 major causes of leaking are over saturated diapers, incorrect fit/adjustment and repelling.

Is the diaper saturated?

·         99% of leaks are caused by full diapers. Insert or diaper is completely soaked. Pee does not have anywhere to go. Remove the insert and check to see if insert is saturated.  Add an additional insert in the pocket diaper or change your baby more frequently.  During the day, baby should be changed at least every 2 hours.

Is the diaper fitting correctly?

·         Leaking around the legs:

·         Are there any gaps? Try a different size setting. Ensure there is a snug (not tight) fit around the legs.

·         Is the insert flat? If the inserts in pocket diapers are not flat there may be a little space where pee could collect.

·         Leaking at back:

·         Is the diaper completely tucked into the cover?  Is the insert sticking out the back?

·         Rise of the diaper may not be high enough. If you baby is using one size diapers, change the setting of the rise. If using sized diapers, move to the next size up.

·         Occasionally we see leaks up the back with little girls who are peeing buckets at a time and with little boys who are aimed off to the side of the insert.

·         Leaking at front:

·         Baby boys: Point downwards – not upwards!

·         Make sure that the insert isn’t pushing the lining fabric up against your baby’s clothing. That will cause the diaper to wick moisture up and out of the top. The top edge of the diaper should be flat against your baby with the soft fabric against your baby’s skin.

Is the diaper repelling?

·         Diaper Cream: These are not a requirement when using cloth diapers on your baby.  If you If you choose to use a diaper cream or be sure to use a barrier like a stay-dry liner or a piece of fleece between the baby's bottom and the diaper. Wash the liners or fleece separately from your diapers so that the oils do not transfer to the diapers in the wash. Diaper creams directly on the diapers will cause them to leak.

·         Detergent: What type of detergent is being used? When choosing detergents for your cloth diapers, choose one that has no  added perfumes, brighteners, etc.  Residue can build up on diapers and cause them to repel urine. In this case, you may need to “strip” your diapers.

·         Pre-wash: diapers must be pre-washed before use.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, prefolds, hemp and bamboo diapers need to be pre-washed 4-6 times before they will reach maximum absorbency.  Pocket diapers should be washed at least once before use. This removes natural oils and residue on the diaper from the production process.

Is the pocket diaper or cover damaged?

·         Cloth Diaper covers and pockets diapers are often made with some style of lamination applied to the exterior fabric's surface. If that lamination, or waterproof layer, is damaged, moisture will come through the cloth diaper cover. For the most part, there is no way to fix the lamination once it has separated from the fabric.  For example, bleach, stain removers and an inappropriate washing routine can cause this sort of damage.

Keywords: Cloth Diapers, Diapers, pocket diaper, Pocket Diapers

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