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Physiotherapy is the health care profession dedicated to restoring and enhancing mobility, overall fitness, health and well-being. It incorporates client education as an essential tool in the restoration of health and the promotion of fitness and healthy living.In the acute setting, physiotherapy treatment helps to control inflammation, reduce edema, decrease pain and restore full range of motion and mobility. The main focus of treatment is directed toward the injured tissues using manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise and electrical or thermal modalities.Active therapeutic exercise involves the progression of each client from the acute stage to a more independent treatment program. As soon as physically possible, the client is introduced to an active therapeutic exercise program which promotes patient responsibility for his or her physical rehabilitation. The components of an exercise program include flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, balance and cardiovascular fitness.Work reconditioning utilizes exercise and a work simulation atmosphere to devise a highly structured, goal oriented, individualized treatment program. Exercise, aerobic conditioning, and specific work simulation tasks are used to increase an individual's physical work tolerance.
PhysioLink Porters Lake offers an Occupational Rehabilitation Program. Components of the program may include physiotherapy and massage therapy onsite with external liaison with psychology, occupational therapy and nutritional services offsite who work as a team to facilitate the goals of return to work/function. The program consists of a focused approach to functional restoration, through use of client education sessions, site specific strengthening programs, general conditioning/cardiovascular training, job simulation, acute care physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, occupational therapy assessment/treatment as required and psychological counseling as required. This multidisciplinary program runs for a maximum of 4 hours per day.
PhysioLink Porters Lake is pleased to offer Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluations. These one day protocols use evaluation tools which have been published in peer reviewed, reliability and validity studies. Functional Capacity Evaluation testing is designed to address questions regarding client's physical and functional abilities, limitations and work capabilities.
For clients requiring in-home treatment, home care physiotherapy is available in specific areas. Home care treatments involve initial assessments and treatment regimes to address acute injuries as well as more chronic dysfunction. Treatment may focus on mobility, balance, strength and functional issues to promote client safety and independent living at home.
The Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia () defines Massage Therapy as:"..the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, to achieve a therapeutic response. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves the circulation of the blood and lymph, and relieves pain.."Your Massage Therapist will work with you in:
  • Discussing your health history and how it may contribute to your current condition.
  • Performing a thorough assessment which may involve a postural assessment, range of motion assessment and some specific orthopaedic tests.
  • Discussing with you, based on your assessment, an appropriate, safe, and effective course of treatment including length of treatments (usually 1/2 hour or 1 hour), frequency of treatments, and what type of techniques will benefit you best.
  • Discussing a home care plan ranging from simply applying heat or ice, to a stretching and strengthening program designed to compliment your treatment sessions.
Massage Therapy is an effective treatment for:
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Muscle Spasm
Frozen Shoulder
Pain from Arthritis
TMJ Pain and Dysfunction
General Muscular Tension
Athletic Injuries
Myofascial Release (MFR) is a whole-body, hands-on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the human structure.The fascia is one continuous sheet of tissue that surrounds, supports and connects every structure in your body (muscles, nerves, organs.. cells) so that through its influence your entire body is interconnected.The fascia normally provides an elastic movable connection between all body structures, however, trauma, infection and repetitive strain may cause the fascia to "bind down" an area of your body in an attempt to stabilize it while you heal. This "freezing" of the fascia can cause a feeling of tension, fatigue, pain and other symptoms.Myofascial Release is one-on-one treatment, usually 1/2 hour to 1 hour in duration consisting mainly of gentle stretching and traction as well as very specific manual techniques designed specifically to affect this important tissue. A medical history and assessment will be performed before your treatments begin to ensure a safe and effective treatment. As with any treatment you are encouraged to actively participate in your own treatments and will be given exercises to do at home to maintain and improve your progress.
Occupational therapy is a health profession which empowers people to live productive and meaningful lives, as independently as possible, in their own environment, which includes their home, work and community. Occupational therapists focus on preventing injury, minimizing disability and promoting health and well being. This is achieved through taking part in everyday activities such as taking care of oneself, working and leisure activities.Occupational therapists work with their clients by helping them to acquire skills and by altering their environment in ways that will facilitate the client's participation in their activities of daily life. This occurs through such means as providing education and wellness programs, assessing clients' home and work environments, making recommendations for return to work programs and ergonomic improvements. Occupational therapists also prescribe equipment such as assistive devices, mobility devices, splints and wheelchairs and develop remediation and/or compensatory strategies for improved independence.Occupational therapy services through PhysioLink are provided by offsite professionals as required.
Job site analyses are completed to determine the physical demands of a given occupation. They provide objective data relating to the essential tasks of a job and may be used, along with functional testing, to assist in return to work planning.Job site analyses are coordinated through offsite Occupational Therapist liasons.
An ergonomic evaluation assesses the correlation between the worker, the job tasks, and the environment to provide recommendations to optimize safety and productivity.Ergonomic assessments are coordinated through offsite Occupational Therapist liasons.
Nutrition intervention in conjunction with lifestyle changes such as implementation of an exercise program can reduce the risks associated with chronic diseases/conditions. Individuals recovering from an injury, be it acute or chronic, physical or emotional can benefit greatly from proper nutrition. The healing process as well as the overall well being of the individual can be compromised if optimum nutrition is not implemented. Nutritional counselling is available on a part-time basis through "Nutrition Matters".
At PhysioLink we recognize the importance of a holistic approach to patient care and the impact of psychosocial issues on recovery. As such we may incorporate the opportunity for pain management sessions with registered off site psychologists as part of the intervention model when appropriate.

Keywords: Functional Capacity Evaluation, health care, Treatment

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