Handhu- Male and Central Atolls

By: Go Sea  09-12-2011
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* note trips operate as follows - Start in Male and finish in Laamu and fly back or fly into Laamu to start the trip and finish in Male.

This region of the Maldives experiences a similar surf season to Indonesia. The best waves can be had from March to October, with the biggest swells likely to occur in June/July/August.

During these months the conditions are predominantly off-shore all day and the swell direction is mainly South South East (SSE). The surf generally ranges in size from 2-8 feet, however bigger days have been experienced.

A great variety of reef breaks exist ranging in intensity from quite mellow shreddable walls to gnarlier hollow pits. There is something for everyone.

In the North Male atoll, between Male and Thulhusdhoo is an assortment of 7 breaks.

Jailbreaks is a classic right-hander that was previously off limits. A long down the line right-hander with 3 distinct sections including a mid barrel section. Rides of up to 300m can be had when it's lining up.

Honky's is located near HP reef just North of Himmafushi Island. It is a fast wrapping left at 4-6ft and needs the right swell direction. Worth checking if Sultans is crowded.

On the other side of the channel you have Sultans. An easy right-hand take off which leads you to an intense wrapping section at the end. Breaks 3-8ft. Please note: this wave is the most protected from the southerly winds in the North Male atoll and collects the most swell so go there if it is small.

20 minutes further North you will find the right-hander known as Ninjas which breaks off Kani Resort. A mellower right-hander which can be quite fickle.

25 minutes north of Lohifushi are 2 breaks opposite each other at a reef pass. The right-hander known as Cokes (Colas) breaks 3-10ft and is fairly protected from the southerly winds that may affect other breaks such as Lohis. This wave has been well photographed and is the hollowest in the North Male atoll. This will test your tube-riding ability.The left hander known as Chickens is probably the fastest wave in the North Male atoll. This wave holds swell size from 3ft to well over 10ft and provides rides up to 500m long.

Over the months of Jun/Jul/August the North Male? atoll surf breaks are getting busier due to the European Summer holidays. Many nationalities of surfers flock to the Maldives over this period. The surf at this time is VERY consistent and can accommodate a large number of surfers spread-out over the 7 breaks in the atoll. If you are after less crowded conditions Mar/Apr/May/Sep/Oct are recommended. The swell over this period may not be as consistent as Jun-Aug however good waves certainly still exist at this time.

The South Male atoll also several great set-ups that on LARGE SE swells will be 2' smaller than North Male breaks, however without any CROWD FACTOR. World Surfaris surf-guides have experience in this region and can make recommendations accordingly. It is only a 2 hour trip from Nth Male atoll breaks to the Sth Male atoll breaks. The breaks around Kandooma Resort are quite fickle however in a solid SE swell they can be good.

A further approx. 8 hour steam south brings you to Mulaku atoll.

All Spots in the Mulaku Atoll are on a coast line facing to the east. There is always a left or a right hander well protected from the predominant wind directions. All spots are close to each other so that you can change spots within a few minutes!

"Veyvah" Left Hander : Perfect wave with long wall. Easy take of with several options with long rides. Not too heavy - Great Fun.

"Mulha" Right Hander: Can hold bigger swells. Easy to ride even when it is big. Good for intermediates and even beginners.

"Mulha" Left Hander: Pretty shallow, fast wave. Works only in certain times of conditions.

"Muli Inside" Righthander: Very fast, long walls, hollow, barreling, can be shallow but still save ending. Very well protected from southerly winds. Needs bigger swells.

"Muli Outside" Righhander: Picks up more swell, good in sw winds, long walls, can max out easily, on the corner easy exit.

We have recently scoped out 2 atolls on the West Side between Mulaku and Hadhdhunmathee atoll and in the right swell direction, Handhu will take you over there. There are some perfect set-ups on these atolls and almost certainly no-one else around. If the surf on the East side is small or onshore then your guide will use his expertise to determine whether it's worth visiting the west-side also.

A further. approx. 8 hour steam south brings you to Hadhdhunmathee atoll hosting the following breaks.

Spots are spread from the south facing coastline along the east facing up to the north east corner where waves wrap around. As a result you will find spots protected from all wind directions except a rare straight easterly breeze.

"Isdhoo" Righthander : which needs large easterly swell but very well protected from southerly winds.

"Maabaidhoo" Left Righthander:

Left: Very fast and hollow, sometimes closing out, well protected from westerly to northerly winds. Right: works only in large swells. Fun Wave, Longboarders and shortboarders will have a good time.

"Mundoo" Righthander: Fast and shallow take off sectiont, barelling, spitting, perfect wave. With soft ending.

"Gaadhoo" Lefthander : Fun clean wave playground. When big: perfect lefthander.

"Ying Yang/Hithadhoo" Righthander : Yin Yang is a long and typical outside -typical reef corner right in a pass. Outside is a mellow wall, often cross shore, with safe rides in deep water. Then, the wave bends in the corner, mush out for a while, then wraps into one of the most critical sections in the Maldives. Inside section can be long and tubular, guys getting barreled 3 times but it can be fairly heavy too on pretty uneven reef, producing potential intimidating barrels on the first bend.

There is another atoll to the west (between Mulaku and Hadhdhunmathee atolls) that with the right swell direction (SSW) will offer a few other options and may be worth investigating on the 11 night Male to Hadhdhunmathee trips.

World Surfaris boats and expert surfguides have been surfing all these waves listed above for the last decade on route to Gaafu Dhaalu atoll (Southern atolls). Claims by other operators have been made that they discovered these breaks etc..We don't make these claims as surfing in the Maldives dates back to the 70's and some local Maldivian surfers were surfing these breaks 3 decades ago.

Optimum conditions are;

Swell: SE on East side

SW on Westside

Wind: Any type of westerly on East Side

Any type of easterly on Westside

Extra Activities

Even though the Handhu is purpose built for surfers the crystal clear turquiose beauty of the Maldivian waters often proves as tempting as the surf so snorkelling gear is provided. Additionally, even if you are not a keen fisherman you will find yourself hooking into a spot of game fishing as you travel between breaks. The variety of species is unbelievable. If you are keen, bring your own gear and lures.
Extra onboard equipment includes snorkelling gear and basic fishing gear.

Handhu Surf Guides Maximise Surf Time

If you are after the ulitmate Maldives surf experience and want to surf a massive variety of surf then look no further than Handhu's -Male & central atolls trips.

Keywords: surf

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