By: Valerie Hearder  09-12-2011

These baskets are made by women out of bright coloured telephone wire. I am pleased to offer these particularly unique, well designed wire baskets from women in the Durban area. They're gorgeous hung on the wall or used on the table. And, by the way, the wire is supplied to the makers.. not taken from phone poles! This craft has evolved out of traditional basket weaving with grasses and is a great example of re-purposing materials into something both practical and beautiful and highly collectible.

These baskets were featured in the August 2010 Veranda Magazine. I can arrange special orders for your requirements.

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This group is based in Limpopo Province and the skilled makers in this enterprise are able to support their families in this poor rural farming area that has no other work. This fosters great pride and intensely embroidered surface in lustrous colours that don't fade. Read more about this group at the Who Are The Makers link above. The cloths are weighed before and after they are hand stitched.


African Folk Hangings

I'm pleased to present this line up of charming characters who exude personality and the character of South Africa. Each is an original drawing by the artists of Kaross and hand embroidered and interpreted by an embroidery artist. Often the images in the background that add to the story of the person, giving a context for their personality. Each hanging portrays a beautifully dressed African in either modern or cultural dress.


Siyazama Zulu Dolls

However, they are made as a gesture of compassion and hope, so that when we see these dolls, we'll remember the orphans. A small group of traditional, rural Zulu women make these small Zulu dolls, which they call AIDS Orphans. Their small size references the millions of children and young people left behind by the pandemic. Read more about this group at the Who Are the Makers link above.