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Toasty Toes is an ergonomic, radiant heating footrest. Has a built-in on/off control switch. Also may be positioned as an upright heating panel.

Cozy Toes Heated Floor Mat provides gentle radiant heat, thermostatically controlled to automatically maintain even warmth. Traditional electric space heaters emit burning heat that can be dangerous. Contrastingly the safe, carpeted surface of Cozy Toes carpeted Foot warmer provides gentle 75 watts power, so this portable heater is great for use with bare feet or socks!

Cozy Foot Electric Warmer Mats put out lots of radiant warmth and are a durable product. Avialable in two sizes: Regular $74 is 21 inches long x 13 wide and Large $89 is 36 long x 16 inches wide. Both mats are 0.25 inches thick.

No question about it, if you want toasty warm legs Cozy Legs radiant panel is the answer. Cozy Legs space heater is efficient, affordable and safe to use. Outputs radiant heat inyour personal space.

Cozy Feet in shoe heater is the answer to warming cold toes and feet. Battery operated, just slip the heated inserts inside footwear, strap power pack to ankle, and turn it on ! Battery pack conveniently and securely attaches around ankle or calf. Durable and effective? Rob Chang Climbing-For-A-Cure wore Cozy Feet insoles while scaling one of North America's highest peaks, Mount McKinley. Subsequently he and other climbers wore Cozy Feet in spring 2005 on a climbing expedition to scale Mount Everest.

$34.95 CAD

These unique and effective heating mats have proven to be highly reliable and durable. Originally intended for use on cold, concrete shop floors, they are also widely used at the office to keep feet toasty warm while sitting at a traditional office desk. Foot Warming Mats are avaialable in two sizes FW 14in. x 21in. x 1/, weight 6 lbs and FWB 16in. x 36in. x 1/4in., weight 11 lbs

Ice-Away portable, outdoor, electric mat keeps doorways and walkways clear of ice and snow.

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Keywords: Foot Warmer, Heating, Mats, Radiant Heating, Space Heaters