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By: Ironworks Distillery  09-12-2011
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Distilling by hand in small batches, at Ironworks we use only natural ingredients, as fresh and as local as possible, showcasing the remarkable produce of the Annapolis Valley.

Each batch is unique. We’re constantly experimenting with different varieties and combinations of fruit and other ingredients, hoping to discover new taste possibilities. For instance, we may create a batch of brandy using a popular fruit such as Honey Crisp apples. Then we’ll try a liqueur using something more unusual, like Arctic kiwis. We’ll do a run with organic fruit and at the same time explore something exotic such as bottle-grown pears. And we also play with uniquely Nova Scotian exotica – like fir bud liqueur.

The point being that we’ll never be a large-volume distillery. The whole reason for doing this is to make something special and unique, with our personal stamp on it, that we hope other people will enjoy. And, of course, to enjoy a glass or two ourselves, with our feet up beside the old forge, watching the sunset through a jumble of masts in Lunenburg harbour.


375 ml - $23.00
750 ml - $37.50

Ironworks Vodka is unique in Canada. Unlike vodkas distilled from grain or potatoes, ours is created by hand using Annapolis Valley apples. We grind the fruit into a stew of sweet cider and pomace, pitch it with white wine yeast from Germany and let it ferment at a cool temperature for 6 to 8 weeks. Then, after 17 hours of double distillation, we filter the final product and blend it with water purified by reverse osmosis. Ironworks Vodka has a smooth texture and a soft taste tinged with the original fruit - followed by a hint of butterscotch. We're very happy with the end result. But don't take our word for it, come by and have a taste.


375 ml - $23.00
750 ml - $37.50

We create our rum using all-natural molasses from the Caribbean - imported by the Crosby Molasses Company of Saint John, New Brunswick, which unloaded its first brigantine laden with barrels of the sweet, golden-brown liquid way back in 1879. After weeks of fermentation in the cool cellar of our shop, the molasses mixture is distilled twice, bringing it up to 160 proof. Then we seal it in bourbon barrels made from Kentucky oak and take it back down to the cellar to age. We have to wait at least a year before we can officially call it rum - so expect the first bottles just in time for Christmas 2010.

Blueberry Liqueur

375 ml - $25.00

We couldn't claim to be a truly Nova Scotian micro-distillery if blueberries didn't figure somewhere in the story. Ironworks Blueberry Liqueur is crafted using 100% wild blueberries from Van Dyk Farms in neighbouring Queen's County.

Cranberry Liqueur

375 ml - $25.00

Halfway between Lunenburg and Blue Rocks lies Heckman Island - home of Terra Beata Cranberry Farms and the natural inspiration for adding Cranberry Liqueur to the Ironworks collection of fruit-based spirits.

Eaux de Vie

Pear Eau De Vie - 375 ml - $34.50

Pear Eau De Vie - 750 ml - $100.00
(in wooden gift box with Pear in the bottle)

Literally translated "water of life," eau de vie is another (and better) name for fruit brandy and a wonderful opportunity for distillers to get creative with ingredients. To make ours, we use various types of apples and pears from the Annapolis Valley. While the fermentation process is the same as for vodka, the distillation is very different - shorter in duration and faster in flow rate, which retains more of the fruit flavour in the final distillate. Some of our eaux de vie spend a few months in small barrels, where they take on vanilla overtones from the Hungarian oak. Others are blended right away to emphasize the light, pure flavours of the original fruit.

Apple Brandy

375 ml - 34.50

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Keywords: Fruit, Honey Crisp, Liqueur, Pear, Vodka