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The sweetest and the most special thing for a child’s birthday party is the luscious cake. True that there can be plenty of presents but the center of attention for all the visitors is the catching and colorful cake placed at the middle of the banquet. In other words, if there is one factor that you should put much effort and priority into it is the choice of the birthday cake.

The character of Dora the Explorer is one of the ideal themes for a birthday cake. This will certainly catch the attention of every child who will have a chance to attend the party. They will utter “Dora, that’s my favorite!” while seeing a big smile glued on their faces.

According to most of the party coordinators, it is better to choose a birthday cake design that follows a cartoon character pattern. More than the taste is the shape and color of the cake that will become the child’s favorite.

Below are some of the reasons for choosing Dora the Explorer’s birthday cake:

1. Dora’s cake has immense attraction for the kids.

This is the character suited for all times and ages. Cinderella or pirate Cakes are already common. Sometimes, the kids also look for something new and right now Dora is the most famous. Once the kids saw the cake placed on the table, they can have fun in talking about it with their peers. At least, the celebration will be more interesting on their part because of Dora.

2. Dora’s cake is meaningful.

Children love the character of Dora because of her unending quests and adventures. The bottom line for all her adventure is to render help to her needy friends as well as animals. It is apparent because for each adventure is the coupled challenge that they need to pass through. Unless they will surpass the level, they cannot be able to reach their goal.

3. Dora’s cake is decorated well.

Cake decorators based their design on a particular scene of Dora’s exploration. This is generally done to the top and the sides of the cake. It is more advisable to decorate the cake in accordance with the favorite color of the celebrator. In the same manner, the table where the cake should be placed must also be decorated suitably to keep a harmonious ambiance.

4. Dora’s cake is affordable.

Of course, the price of the cake varies on the volume and design. It will cost you more if you will request for numerous accentuations that will be designed on the cake. So far, parents find the value of the cake affordable and it meets every pocket’s needs.

5. Dora’s cake is the children’s choice.

This can be the last but the best reason for choosing Dora the Explorer cake. If you want to confirm this claim, you can ask around from a group of kids on the type of cake they mostly prefer. The cake sellers also prove this because of the increasing demand for Dora’s cake.

Make the birthday of your child extra special. Besides the idea of buying a piece of cake from the stores, you can also create your own version of Dora’s cake. Check on the recipe found in the Internet and scramble your own flavored Dora cake. Taste the fun. Taste Dora’s adventure and make your kid the happiest on her birthday.

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