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When It Comes To Bookkeeping, Do You Say,
"Please Don’t Make Me Do It!"

I know I’ve done my job when the
lines of worry leave your face.

We can do it faster than you can worry about it.
You can keep up to date and on top of your business by having your bookkeeping done weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at your place or ours.

This is what we do.  We are fast and accurate.  We provide you with the information you need to run your business profitably and more efficiently.  We understand small business so we know what you need.

If you prefer, we will bill you a set monthly rate that covers all your work.  No more bills when you call for information.  We meet you on a regular basis to review your financial statements and see how you are doing.

You Can Do It.  And we'll help.
We can help train you or your staff (wife/husband) do your bookkeeping accurately and efficiently.

Individualized training is at your place or ours.  You learn the specifics of the program that apply to you as you work on your bookkeeping.  I am a Certified Quick Books ProAdvisor and I can show you tips and shortcuts to cut your bookkeeping time.

We can set up your books properly with accurate initial entries that reflect the start of your business.  We will set up your forms such as invoices and receipts the way you want them to look using the customizable templates to maximize your ability to take advantage of the marketing opportunities.  We will design the procedures to be streamlined and to give you the information you need to manage your business.

We will design a paper procedure that is easy to use and stops leaks of information.  We will design forms and procedures everyone can use to ensure all the information you need is available.  I will outline a framework to help you make decisions in the future.

We will discuss your goals and the benchmarks you will use to monitor your progress towards them.

Call Us Crazy, But We Think It’s Fun!
You can drop off your boxes and bags of receipts and we’ll bring you up to date.

Bags and boxes of receipts are just big puzzles for us.  With decades of experience we are able to organize your information, find the gaps and often we can fill them in or let you know what other information is required.  We can find money owed to you and let you know where you stand with your business. 

As we fast forward through your business we see trends and opportunities unfold.

How we work
We work with your needs, your budget and your schedule.

We are a group of independent bookkeepers united to provide exceptional service through the resources and expertise we share.  Your work is delegated to one of the bookkeepers, with Frances providing careful support.  When the work is completed, it is reviewed and sent to you.
  • Spend your time making money.
  • Understand how you are doing in your business.
  • We work at your place or ours. 
  • We bill monthly or as needed. 
We work with you to help you use the important information in your financial statements.  We work with your needs, your budget and your schedule.  Call Frances today!

Rates, Bookkeeping Plus
Outsource your bookkeeping knowing it’s in the hands of professionals and it is getting done right.  We are not the cheapest solution: WE DO OFFER THE BEST VALUE.

  • Government compliance
  • Reconciliations
  • Financial Statements
  • Once a year meeting to set your financial goals for the coming year
  • Basic bookkeeping service 
  • $100 and up
  • We come to you and tutor you as you do your work. We are patient and make sure you understand before we move on to the next topic.  You learn only what you need to know in condensed sessions.  This is the most efficient way to learn how to do your bookkeeping and use QuickBooks.
  • Usually 2 hour intensive sessions 
  • $150


  • Report with cheque amounts - you write the cheques
  • Monthly deduction report
  • Records of Employment
  • T-4’s
  • Set up and first month $150
  • $25/ pay period for up to 10 employees

  • Taxes

    • Small Business Tax Specialists
    • Sole Proprietor/ Partnerships    $125/ person
    • Spousal Returns   $35 and up

    • We do not do tax planning.  We strongly urge you to seek the advice of a Qualified Small Business Accountant on a regular basis.

    Financial SMARTS for your Business
    Bookkeeping Tune Up
    This service is for people who are doing their own books and want to make sure they are doing everything in the best way. 
  • Answer questions you may have 
  • Review of your Chart of Accounts so you get all the correct reports you need
  • Review of your bookkeeping procedures to streamline your work
  • Pick out the specific numbers you should be tracking that will guide you to achieve your business goals
  • $297 for the first time and $150 after that, if you need or want more support.  Some people like to meet quarterly for a year, then once a year or so after that.

  • You will spend less time bookkeeping and get more out of it.

    Financial SMARTS Coaching
    Your business should support you in living the life you want.

  • Review where you stand with your business
  • Clarify objectives and expectations you have for your business
  • Create a plan, learn the necessary skills to meet them and start using the appropriate tools
  • $397.

  • In this program we will work closely together for a month to solve your most pressing financial issue. By the end of our month, you will not only have solved a thorny issue, you will have a model for how to tackle the next and the next.

    Even before the month starts you will get homework.  You will get worksheets that are designed to help clarify what’s important to you and to pinpoint the best issue for us to tackle.

    At our first meeting we will detail the scope of the problem and lay out a plan of attack.  My job will be to help you uncover what you need and to provide the training and resources for you to get it.  Your job is to focus on what you need to do and to learn and to do the work.

    This will be an important month.  Be prepared to organize your time to give it proper attention.

    Book your month of personal guidance and support that will push your business up a big notch.

    You will move your business to the next level – whatever that is for you.

    "We are new clients and have found working with Frances for the first time, that she very professionally handles issues and follows up and follows through.  Frances turned our tax nightmare into a "clear" and understandable outcome being able to communicate easily with her related to questions and answers with quick responses. We look forward to doing business next tax year!" - Heather Diane Parrish and Eric R. Parrish, The Wylde Heather Bed & Breakfast and Pride & Joy Lawn and Garden Care

    "We totally believe in doing what you do well and hiring professionals to cover the areas of your business that they do well.  Fran Schagen of Crystal Clear Bookkeeping is the professional we trust for all our bookkeeping needs. Leaving this part of our business to her gives us the time to focus on what we do well - helping people and organizations maximize their life potential.  We highly recommend this company for efficiency, dedication and trust. Thanks Fran, you're the best!!" - Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke, Life Potential Developments

    "I am pleased to have been asked to write a letter of reference for Frances Schagen. She has been our bookkeeper for our cattle business for a few years now. Frances has many qualities we require in our business; she is honest, a self-starter, able to deal with company personnel in an efficient manner, and is capable of organizing and managing our almost unmanageable paper trail. She has an extensive business background so has been a real asset in handling our GST returns, payroll account, income tax files, banking business, etc. Additionally, Frances has a pleasing manner and can easily handle the frustrating bureaucratic requirements necessary in doing business these days. Frances is computer literate; she is very familiar with the internet and can get any information needed quickly.  In closing, we can highly recommend Frances as an asset to any enterprise needing a qualified person who can work independently and bring a positive atmosphere to your business. Sincerely," Mrs. Dianne Oulton, Charvale Charolais Ranch

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    Keywords: Bookkeeping, Books, Financial Statements